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Pulling a Petulant Stunt

Las Vegas Sun columnist Jon Ralston notes the establishment of the Tequila Party of Nevada with some not-so-nice-things to say about its new Grand Imperial Pooh-bah, or the guy who gave him the idea…

Inept GOP mischief-maker forms Tequila Party of Nevada
By Jon Ralston · December 2, 2010 · 11:49 AM

George Harris, a former GOP officer and serial political failure, has filed papers with his partner, Irma Aguirre, to form the Tequila Party of Nevada — days after Democratic Hispanic activist Fernando Romero floated the idea because, he said, both parties are not responsive to the Latino community’s concerns about immigration reform and other issues. No one knows if it was simply Romero drawing attention to himself, but Harris and Aguirre — hey, they own a Mexican restaurant downtown! — decided to pre-empt him because they apparently have nothing better to do.

Harris, in case you don’t know, is best known for being wrong more times than any single individual in Nevada political history. If he makes a prediction — on Election Day, he told folks Sharron Angle would surely win by a couple of points — bet the opposite. This is just a stunt, and a silly one.

The development was first reported by Harris pal Chuck Muth, who similarly pulled a stunt in October to protest how easily it is to register political parties by forming the Organized Labor Party. Muth has expressed disgust with how easily Scott Ashjian helped form the Tea Party of Nevada and was able to get on the U.S. Senate ballot (Ashjian got less than 1 percent).

All Ashjian had to do was garner 250 signatures to get on the ballot and all Harris and Muth had to do was file these papers to register. But the solution is to fix the law, not pull petulant stunts.


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