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Publik Skool Update

The Clark County school district announced yesterday the start of its much-ballyhooed “open enrollment” school choice program in which you can go to any school you want….as long as it’s a public school…and not one of the good public schools which are already overcrowded and, therefore, have no seats available.

But other than that, you can choose away to your heart’s desire. Which is kinda like being given a choice between broccoli or cabbage for desert.

Oh the other hand, Colorado is now studying the possibility of allowing individual counties to offer school vouchers in an amount equal to 75 percent of per-pupil funding the state provides, with the local school district keeping the remainder. That’s something Nevada should definitely consider, as well. If we allow individual counties to charter schools, why not allow them to try vouchers at the local level, too?

By the way, if government-run public schools need more money, why aren’t they selling advertising “wraps” for their school buses the way many private bus companies do?


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