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Profant-Etc.’s After-the-Fact Invite

Poor Cathie Lynn Profant-Gisi-Johnson-Martinez-Boudreau. 

After pointing out in Sunday’s Silver State Confidential that the campaign for sheriff candidate Gordon Martines was not happy that her little tea party group advertised a meet-and-greet with the sheriff candidates without inviting Mr. Martines, Profant-etc. issued the following email this morning…

“We have invited ‘all’ candidates running for sheriff to speak at our meeting. Chuck Muth seems to think that Det. Gordon Martines was left out. Let me stress again….all candidates are invited. For those of you wondering, ‘What the heck is Cathie Lynn is talking about.’  Muth fantasizes himself as a journalist, or maybe reporter, wrote in his ‘hardly’ read publication that  I was in ‘hot water’ for not inviting Det. Gordon Martines. Untrue, he is invited and no one is in ‘hot water’ with anyone. Muth is delirious and has serious issues! He is to be taken with a grain of salt!”

Well, um, yes…he IS invited.  Now.  But that was NOT the case last Friday when A.J. Maimbourg, Martines’ campaign manager, sent Profant-etc. the following email asking for her candidate, who had NOT been invited, to be included…

“The purpose of this email is to request that  you extend an invitation to my candidate to speak at this meeting, since your email professes to have the voters ‘come and meet the candidates’ (with an s). Thank you in advance and we look forward to receiving this invitation soon so we can make our necessary preparations for attendance.”

So the fact that Detective Martines was left out was no fantasy.  It was a fact that Profant-etc. fixed after the fact.  But, hey, I’m just deliriously happy my hardly-read publication was helpful in making sure that Detective Martines will now be included with the other candidates for sheriff at the meet-and-greet.

And if you attend the event at Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant this week, make sure you order your margarita the way I do…with a grain or two of salt!


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