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President of the Rationalization Caucus

Liberal Republican Assemblyman Paul Anderson of Las Vegas did an interview on KNPR last week in which he declared that “ultimately the state does not have enough money to pay for all of its services.”

The obvious solution: Cut some services, right?


Anderson, appointed by Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick to Majority Leader-in-Exile Michele Fiore’s leadership position, maintains the state is already “running very lean, but overall it needs more money.”

He also criticized Republicans who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, saying it “is like a jury deciding a person’s guilt or innocence before looking at the evidence.”

No it isn’t.

It’s like taking a marriage vow for people who are truly committed to each other.

How would marriage vows work if couples promised to remain faithful to each other, but, you know, still keep their options open in case somebody better comes along?

People who refuse to sign the Tax Pledge and criticize it the way Anderson did simply are not committed to the notion that the problem is government spends too much, not that citizens are taxed too little.  It’s easy to rationalize and justify well-meaning government programs and raise taxes “just a little” to grow government.

It’s a heckuva lot harder to say “no.”

Ask any parent!

But it’s also the “right” thing to do.


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