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Political Potpourri: June 28, 2011

Four European nations – Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom – will honor the 100th birthday of President Reagan with a series of tributes from June 27-July 4, 2011, including Ronald Reagan statue unveilings in London and Budapest. The events are part of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation’s year-long Centennial Celebration.

The rabid SEIU and hyper-liberal Daily Kos teamed up to do a poll which reportedly shows that “49 percent of registered voters – and 48 percent of independents – say they’d be less likely to vote for a candidate who is ‘associated with the Tea Party.’ ”

Considering how much the SEIU and the Daily Kos hate the tea party movement and what it stands for, these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, tea partiers risk being marginalized electorally if they don’t show some campaign maturity and an ability to win general elections in swing states and districts.

As expected, Republican congressional candidate Mark Amodei drew Democrat state Treasurer “Calamity” Kate Marshall as his opponent in the September special election to replace Dean Heller. He should be fine; this is a solid GOP district.

But Kirk Lippold, a fellow Republican, continues to campaign and could be a fly in the anointment should the Nevada Supremes throw the election back open to all comers. As such, he’s not earning many points with the party regulars and establishment leaders.

Then again, he’s not trying to.

I know Republicans are only supposed to support Republicans, but conservatives can and should support the more conservative candidate in Democrat primaries, as well. The lesser of two evils and all. As such, Byron Georgiou appears to be a far preferable alternative to Harry Reid’s anointed candidate, Rep. Shelley Berkley, in next year’s U.S. Senate race against Dean Heller.

Hmm, I wonder if he’d come speak at the Conservative Leadership Conference?

It was announced on Monday that sales tax revenues were up again in April….further evidence that extending the sunsetted tax hikes was premature and probably unnecessary.

NPRI (Nevada Policy Research Institute) released its ratings of the 2011 Legislature today.

GOP Sen. Don Gustavson earned the highest score in the Senate (89.10%) and GOP Assemblyman Ed Goedhart chalked up the highest score in the Assembly (85.08%). The worst Republican score in the Senate was earned by liberal Sen. Joe Hardy (46.89%) and the worst Republican score in the Assembly was racked up by Assemblyman Lynn Stewart (43.98%).

My distinguished friend, Assemblyman Mark Sherwood – who desperately wants folks to believe he really, really, really and truly is a conservative – certainly didn’t vote that way. He posted only an anemic 53.97%….a mere ten points higher that Stewart’s embarrassingly low score for someone (falsely) claiming to be a conservative.

But while the ratings are interesting in and of themselves, author Geoff Lawrence’s play-by-play executive summary, detailing all of the shenanigans that went into the budget sausage-grinder, is a must-read for conservatives. Catch it here

By the way, Geoff will be speaking about the 2011 session and his ratings at the Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas on July 9.

A group calling itself “Catholic Advocates” sent out a frantic email fundraising appeal this week decrying that “Late Friday night, the New York State Assembly voted to legalize same-sex marriage, without the consent of voters, (my emphasis) making it the sixth state to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.”

Bear in mind, when Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriages, it was done by court order. And at the time, anti-gay marriage folks called it “judicial activism” and said such a decision should have been made by legislators, not judges. But now that legislators in New York have OK’d gay marriages, the anti-gay marriage folks don’t even want the legislators they elected to, you know, legislate.

You just can’t please some people.


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