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Political Potpourri: July 28, 2011

According to entertainment columnist Norm Clarke, his Royal Highness of Hyperbole, TV station mogul Jim Rogers, “blew up during an April staff meeting and threatened to ‘slit’ the throat of morning show co-host Kim Wagner for using the term ‘whether or not’ on the air.”

Whether or not you agree with Emperor Rogers philosophically, you have to admit he might be able to hide his own Easter eggs and probably shouldn’t be allowed to play with sharp objects.

Don’t you just love all the moderate Republicans, liberal Democrats and members of the mainstream media who keep burping up this notion that conservative Republicans and tea party activists need to learn how to “compromise”?

You mean like the way Harry Reid compromised when he used every (dirty) trick in the book to literally shove ObamaCare down the nation’s throat? That kind of “compromise”?

Democrat CD-2 candidate “Calamity” Kate Marshall is running an ad slamming GOP opponent Mark Amodei for voting for the 2003 tax hike while a state senator. I guess we’re supposed to believe she would have bucked her party and voted against it?

Yeah, right. If Calamity Kate really wants us to believe she’s a champion of taxpayers, why doesn’t she join Amodei in putting her signature where her TV commercial mouth is and ink the Taxpayer Protection Pledge?

Actually, our friend and LVRJ columnist Steve Sebelius called on Marshall to do just that in a blog post yesterday. Click here

Speaking of Amodei, news reports this afternoon indicate he would vote against the Boehner plan related to increasing the nation’s debt limit, while Rep. Joe Heck has indicated he’ll vote for it. Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform supports the Boehner plan; Chris Chocola of Club for Growth opposes it.

So conservatives are split. At least on the spending cuts/debt limit aspect. Everyone is united in opposition to tax hikes being any part of the deal – and the GOP has apparently won that battle. Memo to Republicans: Declare victory, go home, and live to fight another day!

BTW, Citizen Outreach hosted a conference call last night with Rep. Heck and about a dozen southern Nevada conservative/tea party leaders who peppered him with questions about the debt ceiling situation and the Boehner plan. The leaders, whose anonymity has been assured, also shared their opinions on the Boehner plan and how they thought the congressman should vote.

The 45-minute conference call was productive and valuable for all parties concerned.

In a pedantic ghost-written PAC email yesterday, Sharron Angle refers to herself as a hobbit while criticizing the 2008 GOP candidate for president, Sen. John McCain – who came to Las Vegas last year and campaigned for her disastrous U.S. Senate race against Harry Reid – as “Lord of the TARP.” (See “Wrong Angle” below)

Are there any bridges Angle has left unburned?

On the day of perhaps the most critical vote of the year by Congress on raising the debt limit, the Assembly Republican Caucus “Messaging Chairman,” Ass. Mark Sherwood, had this timely message for Nevadans:

“(crickets chirping)”

Kidding aside, folks, I’m sure our ace “Messaging Chairman” is going to have some killer conservative messages coming out any day now. Any….day….


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