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Political Potpourri

The Amodei for Congress campaign opened its HQ in Reno today in the Sierra Marketplace Center located at 3652 South Virginia, Suite C-7. It’s located next to the Washoe County GOP Headquarters. And no, it does NOT offer a free Chinese food buffet every day for volunteers.

Two days after suggesting that state school boss Keith Rheault should vamoose immediately, it’s announced that he won’t seek reappointment when his contract is up in March 2013. Not good enough for the kids who would suffer between now and March 2013. He should resign NOW.

At 28, Gov. Sandoval has the third-highest number of vetoes in state history…a fact that has retired state archivist and tax-hike champ Guy Rocha crying in his beer. “I don’t see the pragmatics of politics anymore,” Rocha said to Anjeanette Damon of the LV Sun. “Now it’s that idea of compromise as a sellout.”


It’s not that compromise is automatically a four-letter word. It’s that compromise has meant over the last dozen years that Democrats get the feast and Republicans get the table scraps. Just like this year’s budget deal. There’s nothing wrong with compromise….but if Republicans are going to give up something huge, like raising taxes, they should get something huge back in return.

What part of this is so hard to understand?

Ben Spillman of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports today that conservative freshman Republican state Sen. Michael Roberson is “aiming to become the next state Senate majority leader.”

The report will come as a surprise to many who assumed everyone would defer to term-limited Assistant Minority Leader Barbara Cegavske for the role of leader in her final session. However, I’m told the non-termed-out senators don’t want to be put in the position of reinventing the leadership wheel this session, next session and then once again in 2015.

Makes sense.

In other Ben Spillman breaking news today:

“Former Assemblyman Morse Arberry Jr. is facing felony charges on allegations that he accepted but didn’t report more than $120,000 in campaign contributions and diverted at least some of it to personal use. The accusations against Arberry, D-Las Vegas, who resigned from office in 2010 to become a lobbyist, are contained in a criminal complaint filed in Las Vegas Justice Court by Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto.”

Is anyone who knows Moose surprised by this?

Many, if not most of you won’t like this…but gay marriage is coming. Nationwide. It’s inevitable. It’s only a matter of time. It can and will be delayed, but not stopped. And eventually, it will be as acceptable as black/white marriages. The problem isn’t letting gays into marriage, but having already let the government into marriage.

As an economy based almost solely on tourism and entertainment, Nevada – and especially Las Vegas – should accept reality, embrace the inevitable, repeal the state’s ban on gay marriage, and scarf up on the tourism bonanza that would result rather than suck hind teat behind the likes of Hawaii and New York.

Morning Score: “Every Republican presidential candidate has committed to sign the Americans for Tax Reform ‘Taxpayer Protection Pledge’ except for Jon Huntsman,” according to ATR president Grover Norquist. “Huntsman says he won’t sign any pledges while running for president, but Norquist hopes that will change and has requested a sit-down with the former Utah governor. ‘I hope and assume that, before the primary is over, Huntsman will feel comfortable signing the pledge.’ ”

I hold out similar optimism for Gov. Sandoval before the next legislative session begins!


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