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Political Investing: The Top 4 Conservative Candidates in Nevada this Year

Unless you’re a true conservative, go ahead and hit the delete key RIGHT NOW…because there’s nothing in this missive that’ll be of any interest to you.

Nothing whatsoever.

Go ahead.

Hit “Delete.”


Don’t let the e-door hit you on the way out.

Now, for the rest of you…

I have a subscriber to Muth’s Truths – let’s call him “Bob” (especially since that’s his real name) – who asked me for a little donation advice in the Republican primaries. He then sent me donation checks, made payable to the candidates, which I forwarded along to the campaigns.

Three of the four candidates I recommended – all of whom I was working with and advising – moved on to the general election. Not a bad batting average.

The same gentleman recently asked for the same donation advice for the general election a couple weeks ago and just sent me six new contribution checks – ranging from $100-300 each – for me to forward to the candidates on his behalf.

This works well for all concerned.

Naturally, the candidate benefits from getting the financial contribution.

The donor benefits, as giving a donation puts him or her in a totally different category as a donor, not just a voter, in the candidate’s mind.

And I benefit from the good will of the candidates as the “bundler” who is recommending financial contributions to their campaigns.

The donor also benefits from the advice because I’ve been in this game for over 20 years now and often have a better idea which candidates are true conservatives who will stick to their principles once elected – although I, too, am occasionally fooled (see: Michael Roberson) – and which are full of flapdoodle.

I also often have a better idea of which campaigns are truly well-run and which candidates are merely talking a good game.

This way the donor is less likely to invest good money with bad candidates running bad campaigns in races they aren’t likely to win no matter how much Susie Sunshine they blow up our collective skirts.

So with Bob’s fine and deeply appreciated example in mind, here are my top four recommendations for conservative legislative campaign contributions in the general election. And yes, all have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge; for me, that’s a litmus test.

Here ya go…

*   *   *   *   *

1.) Jill Dickman: Assembly District 31 (Washoe County)

AD 31 is the only district with a Republican majority of voters and a Democrat incumbent. Worse, the incumbent, Skip Daly, is a card-carrying unionista.  Daly’s 2013 conservative rating from Citizen Outreach was a putrid 11.54%

Dickman is an unapologetic fiscal conservative and businesswoman who has been active for many years in the Washoe County GOP. She’s paid her dues, and then some.

In the Republican primary, she was initially facing an establishment tax-and-spend Republican who ended up not running at the last minute. But instead of getting behind Dickman, Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey scrambled furiously to find another mushy-moderate establishment candidate to run against her.

He found one in the form of a stand-for-nothing, term-limited Sparks city councilman. But despite a tremendous funding advantage and endorsements by not only Hickey, but Gov. Brian Sandoval and other “elite” GOP officials in Washoe County, Dickman won.

She didn’t out-raise her opponent. She out-thought him and out-worked him.

Dickman has the best chance of all the state Assembly races this year of knocking off an incumbent Democrat and picking up a net seat. Better, we wouldn’t just be getting an additional Republican, we’d be getting an additional CONSERVATIVE Republican.  That’s a “two-fer” worth investing in.

2.) Assemblywoman Michele Fiore: Assembly District 4 (Clark County)

If you look in the dictionary for the term “Conservative Political Boat Rocker” you’ll find a picture of Michele Fiore.

The freshman assemblywoman from Las Vegas chalked up the highest conservative rating of any member of the 2013 Legislature and is unabashed and unafraid of taking the fight to the other side – including the liberal media.

Liberal blogger Jon Ralston despises Michele Fiore. DESPISES.  That should tell you all you need to know.

It’s one thing to quietly cast the correct vote on bill after bill. It’s another thing to lead the conservative charge at the tip of the spear.  Conservatives don’t have many Republicans in office like that.

Naturally, Fiore has angered not only the left but the pansies in the GOP establishment who would prefer to pat the little girl on the head and tell her to go stand in the corner. Fiore generally has two words for such folks…but I can’t print them here in a family newsletter!

In any event, Fiore has a huge target on her back and the Democrats have a credible candidate running against her in the general election in a “swing” district.

Traditionally a candidate is never more vulnerable as they are in their first re-election campaign. This is Fiore’s first re-election campaign.  Conservatives can’t afford to lose her.

3.) Vicki Dooling: Assembly District 41 (Clark County)

There are a lot of candidates who arrive on the scene with no previous experience as a conservative activist or party volunteer and expect everyone to bow down before them simply because they decided they wanted to be a legislator.

That’s NOT Vicki Dooling!

Vicki is a very responsible and reasonable conservative activist who has been very involved in the tea party movement as a leader since the movement’s inception.

She’s running against Democrat Assemblyman Paul Aizley, whose 5.77% conservative rating from Citizen Outreach in 2013 is even worse than Skip Daly’s. He’s a professional math teacher who protects the government’s monopoly control over education by carrying the teachers union’s water and opposing any true education reform measures.

The district has a small Democrat advantage which could be wiped out by the large number of non-partisan voters in the district who lean Republican. Vicki has an engaged, competent grassroots campaign team on the ground and this race could be not only another GOP pick-up, but another CONSERVATIVE pick-up.

4.) Brent Jones: District 35 (Clark County)

Brent was the conservative candidate in the special election in 2013 for the Senate District 9 seat vacated by Sen. Elizabeth Halseth (R-Maxim Magazine).

The GOP establishment, led by Sen. Moderate Mike Roberson, jettisoned their original recruit in the race and then backed a moderate under qualified and unaccomplished candidate against Jones. She won the primary but went on to lose the seat in the general election.

This time around Jones is running for the state legislative seat currently being (mis)represented by Assemblyman James Healy, whose 7.69% conservative rating from Citizen Outreach puts him firmly in the “Bolshevik” category.

This seat, like Dooling’s, has a Democrat majority that probably equals out once you factor in the GOP-leaning non-partisan voters. And the expected low voter turnout this general election also favors Jones over Healy.

Jones is a business owner with experienced grassroots activists working his campaign. An upset here is possible.  And as with Dooling and Dickman, a Jones victory wouldn’t just be an additional Republican in the Assembly, but an additional CONSERVATIVE Republican in the Assembly.

Maybe that’s why he can’t get the time of day from Minority Leader Hickey or his caucus. He’s gonna have to rely on the financial support of conservatives outside the GOP establishment that has tried to cut his legs out from under him the last two election cycles.

*   *   *   *   *

Make no mistake. I didn’t take the time to write this up merely for your entertainment pleasure.  I want you to cough up some dough!

Not a lot. Just something.  Anything.

I don’t care if all you do is take out a $5 bill from your pocket or purse, wrap it up in a sheet of paper and mail it to me with a note reading, “Please give this to (insert name of candidate of your choice).”

Better, take out a $10 and designate that it go to one candidate, or specify that it be divided between two candidates.

Ditto a $20.  Designate all $20 for one candidate, or $10 each for two candidates, or $5 each for four candidates.

It’d be better if you sent a check, but the candidates can deposit cash just as well. Just make sure you include your name and snail-mail address on the sheet of paper so the candidate will know who and where to mail the thank you card.

And if they DON’T mail you a thank you card, I want to know about it…because there will be hell to pay for taking your generosity for granted!

Similarly, if you’re better off financially and can contribute more, PLEASE do so.

Write a couple of $10 checks. Or $25 checks.  Or $100 checks.  Mix-and-match.  There is no wrong donation strategy here.

Just contribute SOMETHING to SOMEBODY…or multiple somebodies.

Again, all four of these candidates are unapologetic conservatives.

All have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

All are running credible campaigns and are walking, not just talking

All have a chance to win on November 4.

But they need last-minute money for get-out-the-vote efforts.

Now, to be totally honest with you Republicans in the Assembly have virtually no chance to win the majority in the Assembly this year.

Sorry, but that’s the reality born of lousy mamby-pamby leadership.


There’s an EXCELLENT chance to elect a conservative majority within the assembly minority that would DRAMATICALLY change the go-along-to-get-along mentality embraced by Minority Leader Hickey and the other weak-kneed Gumby Republican moderates in his caucus.


If you can’t even bring yourself to invest five lousy dollars to help elect bona fide conservative candidates to the Nevada Legislature, then you’re not serious about making a change.

The ONLY reason more conservative candidate didn’t win more GOP primary races this year is that they were outspent with establishment money from lobbyists and other special interests.

And unless you and I step up and make sure conservatives have enough money to compete fairly, we’re going to keep getting screwed legislative session after legislative session.

So stop whatever you’re doing RIGHT NOW!

Reach for you checkbook or wallet.


I don’t care how much. But the more the better.

Stick your cash or checks (made payable to the CANDIDATE, not me) in an envelope RIGHT NOW with your name and address printed (legibly!) on a piece of paper instructing me on who to give it to.

Put a stamp on the envelope RIGHT NOW.

And mail it to:

Citizen Outreach PAC
c/o Chuck Muth
5841 E. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 230-253
Mt. Reagan, NV 89142

If you do it RIGHT NOW, I’ll be able to “bundle” your contribution(s) with everyone else’s and get them to the candidates when they need it the most…RIGHT NOW.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this important “insurgent” effort.

Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
The Campaign Doctor
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals

P.S. Reminder: It’s better and safer to send checks, but the odds are good that cash donations of small amounts will come through with no problem.  It did inside birthday cards my son received a couple weeks ago!

P.P.S. Reminder: If sending a check, make the check payable to the CANDIDATE, not to me or Citizen Outreach PAC.  I’m simply “bundling” individual and corporate contributions, not making PAC contributions.

P.P.P.S. If you prefer to contribute via credit card, just include your name as it appears on the card, your credit card number, the expiration date and CVV code from the back of the card on a sheet of paper with your donation instructions on it.  All four campaigns are set up to accept and process credit card donations.

P.P.P.P.S. If you choose NOT to make even a token investment in advancing the conservative cause in November – especially when there are so many viable opportunities to change the direction of the GOP Assembly caucus – then don’t even think about, under any circumstance, emailing me and bitching about what Hickey and the other Gumby Republicans do in the next legislative session.

I don’t have time for whiners and complainers who can’t even put a token five dollars where their mouths are.

This is where we separate the wheat from the chaff.

Are you going to just keep talking about electing more conservatives?

Or are you going to be part of the fight to actually do it this year?

P.P.P.P.P.S. If you want to call me to further discuss your donation options, give me a ring at (702) 942-3291.  You can also just bring your contributions, sealed in an envelope, to this week’s First Friday Happy Hour with you.



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