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Pigpen Project Hit with First “Lawfare” Threat

(Chuck Muth) – When I started the Pigpen Project to clean up Nevada’s voter rolls I fully expected some kind of legal action.

Which is why we’ve been so meticulous and thorough in learning the various laws, rules, regulations, processes, and procedures so that everything we do is “by the book” and above reproach.

That includes being 110% non-partisan in our efforts – since it doesn’t matter how a person being sent a mail-in ballot is registered, but how someone getting their hands on a loose ballot might be.

And that includes working WITH county clerks, registrars of voters, and folks in the Secretary of State’s office rather than p*ssing in their Wheaties.

And I have to say, all of them, from top to bottom, have been extremely helpful in assisting us in doing this the right and legal way.

Not that there aren’t still problems and challenges in getting the files cleaned, but the real problem is flaws in the law, not cooperation by election officials.

Still, as the saying goes, you can indict a ham sandwich if you really want to.

So it would come as no surprise if the Democrats’ super-lawyer on election issues, Marc Elias, decided to file some kind of legal action to throw a monkey wrench in our efforts.

But the legal threat I received this afternoon didn’t come from Mr. Elias or the Democrats…

It came from Nevada Republican National Committeewoman Sigal “Hang ‘em from a Crane” Chattah!

In her 9-page “formal notice” threat, she writes that she had “anticipated that a voluntary surrender of reports to assist the Nevada Republican Party” in its lawsuits against election officials in Nevada, but that “it is clear that a specific litigation hold demand is necessary to preserve same.”

First, she’s never asked me for any documents related to our voter file clean-up project.  If she tells you or anyone else that she did, she’s a liar.  She’s too scared to call me herself.

Secondly, the reports she’s asking for are the Residency Discrepancy Reports our volunteers have been collecting door-to-door for months now and have submitted to the Clark County Registrar of Voters.

As a lawyer, you’d think Chattah would know that such reports are considered “public records” and all she has to do is request them from the election department.

Thirdly, even if she HAD asked me for the records so she could file another frivolous lawsuit against the very election officials who have been working cooperatively with us to fix this problem, I, truthfully, would have told her to pound sand.

We’ve devoted over a year learning how to do this correctly and within the confines of the law.  We’ve had dozens of volunteers hitting the streets and doing the hard work necessary to fix this problem.  And we’ve established an excellent working relationship with election officials who have made sure we’re doing everything “by the book.”

And Chattah wants us to simply hand her all our hard work on a silver platter so she can sue the very people who are helping to make sure everything we do is done correctly?  I don’t think so.

If she wants to claim and DOCUMENT that election officials aren’t “doing their job” when it comes to cleaning up the voter files, why hasn’t the Nevada Republican Party done exactly what we’ve been doing for a year now instead of whining about it on social media, issuing ignorant press releases, and filing lawsuits which keep getting kicked out of court?

This woman is nothing but a loud-mouthed, unhinged menace who has fooled people – including leaders at the Republican National Committee and on the Trump campaign – into thinking she knows what she’s doing.

She doesn’t.  She’s a moron.

That’s not a medical diagnosis.  Just my opinion.

And the more people work around and with her, the more they come to realize she’s full of $#%& and nuttier than the proverbial fruit cake.

She’s a few fries short of a Happy Meal.  Not the sharpest tool in the shed.  The wheel is turning, but the hamster’s dead.  And definitely the dimmest bulb on the Christmas tree.

Instead of leaving us alone to do the crucial work of cleaning the voter files – which she and the party aren’t doing and we’ve actually been successful at – she sends me a threatening letter demanding that we cooperate with her foolish and self-defeating “lawfare.”

Ain’t gonna happen.

We have met the enemy.  And in this case, it’s not Marc Elias.  It’s the Nevada Republican National Committee-goofball.

Closing note…

Again, bear in mind that we’re talking about the Nevada REPUBLICAN National Committeewoman here.

The same person who on social media has been supporting DEMOCRAT Shelly Berkley for Las Vegas mayor.

The same person who also recently and publicly attacked REPUBLICAN U.S. Senate candidate Sam Brown and REPUBLICAN congressional candidate Marty O’Donnell – both of whom have been endorsed by REPUBLICAN Gov. Joe Lombardo.

I guess maybe that explains this screen shot from a recent video she posted on her Twitter account…

Lovely.  Democrat plant.  Nevada Republicans should be so proud.

What a sick joke.


“(Chuck Muth’s) a f-ing Nazi sympathizer that should be banned from any Republican circles. Get this Nazi piece of trash away from all of us.” – Sigal Chattah back in January (Gee, can’t imagine why I have no interest in helping her)


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