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Pigpen Project Files First “Voting Fraud” Complaint

(Chuck Muth) – Everybody complains about “voting fraud,” but few really do anything about it other than bloviate on social media and in press releases.  And there’s a good reason for that…


You see, you can’t just *assume* data anomalies mean someone has committed voting fraud.  You have to investigate, document, and verify the information – and then leave open the possibility that there’s an explanation that isn’t readily apparent.

While the Pigpen Project is primarily focused on cleaning up the voter files to prevent possible voting fraud in the future, our research recently discovered what appears to be our first case of actual suspected voting fraud.

It was caught because the new software system we’re using is now able to track voters who have moved out-of-state and match them against the voter files in Nevada.

To give you an idea of just how detailed and complicated this work is, here’s a general description of what we uncovered.

However, personal identifying information is being withheld because we don’t want to falsely accuse someone.  We’ll let the election authorities handle that.

Here’s what we found…

  • Our software system identified what appears to be an individual who voted twice in the 2022 general election – once in Nevada and once in Texas.
  • The individual filed a change-of-address to Texas with the post office in October 2022. It was recorded in the official National Change of Address (NCOA) data file.
  • The individual registered to vote in Texas in October 2022. This was confirmed in the official voter file of the Texas Secretary of State.
  • In comparing the two registrations, the individual had the exact same first, middle, and last names. Same suffix.  Exact same date-of-birth.  Same address on the NCOA file.
  • The individual is shown has having voted by mail in Nevada. Not sure what method they used to vote in Texas.
  • Both registrations have since been cancelled. The Nye County registration was cancelled at the voter’s request in February.  Not sure when the Texas registration was cancelled.
  • There’s a different voter who was also registered to vote at the individual’s old Nye County address who is showing as “inactive” in the Nevada voter file and is not shown as casting a ballot in the 2022 general election.

This is where things get dicey.

It’s possible the person currently living at the address in Nye County simply mistakenly voted the wrong mail-in ballot.  But that’s not something for us to determine.  Which is why we’ve filed an official “Election Integrity Violation Report” with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office.

Also, while it *seems* obvious that a person isn’t allowed to vote in two different elections in two different states in the same election cycle, that’s not 100% clear.  Laws in the two different states, as well as federal election laws, are complicated and convoluted.

So we’ve requested confirmation of this from election officials, as well.

In any event, this is why I don’t take seriously the Nevada Republican Party’s claim to have found 130,000 pieces of “evidence” of voting fraud in the 2020 general election.  I’ll guarantee they didn’t research and document their allegations the way we did above.

This is our first test-case of possible voting fraud.  We’ll use it to learn the proper processes and procedures for reporting these in the future if/when we come across them.

Right now, we only have voter file data from a very limited number of other states.  And while we’ve found thousands of out-of-state residents where the voter voted in Nevada – possibly with legitimate reasons (military, college students, etc.) – this is the first where it appears the voter unlawfully voted twice.

This whole thing is not a problem that’ll be solved overnight.  It’s a long-term project.  But we’re making progress.  We’ve already identified and submitted over 2,000 non-residency and death reports that we were able to CONFIRM.

But there’s much more to be done.  I’ll keep you posted!


“We know, and I guarantee you’ll agree, the voter rolls are not clean. You can ask the person next to you if they’re aware of somebody [who] moved out of the house two years ago and they’re still getting their ballots – and that ballot’s still available for anybody to grab and take the chance of filling it out.” – Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo

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