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Piercing the Small Government Complaint

Assemblywoman Peggy “Tax ‘em ‘til They Bleed” Pierce tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Ben Spillman that “The 30 year experiment in radically small government in Nevada has run into the worst economy in 70 years, and we have a crisis.” As such, she proposes fixing the crisis, as liberals are wont to do, by taxing us back to health – the modern-day version of bleeding a patient with leeches.

I wish Nevada had been experimenting with “radically small government” for the last 30 years, but as our friends over at the Nevada Policy Research Institute have demonstrated over and over again, Nevada’s government has been growing like a weed over that period of time, including the creation of a taxpayer-funded emergency road service operation that competes with AAA and other private road service services.

I say again: It’s no longer good enough to force government to do more with less; it’s time for it to do less with less. If Assemblywoman Pierce thinks government is small today, she ain’t seen nothing yet.


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