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Picking Winners & Losers: Indian Pot Lot Packed

First Nevada Gov. Steve “Little Caesar” Sisolak declared that legal marijuana dispensaries were not “essential.”

But then he flip-flopped, changed his mind and said they were – no doubt because many marijuana customers are MEDICAL marijuana customers.

But unlike pharmacies, they were not allowed to service customers inside their stores.  Instead they had to set up curbside pickup service.

But then the governor flip-flopped, changed his mind again, and ordered that all sales be conducted via home delivery.

The dispensaries then had to go through the time and expense of buying new delivery vehicles and hiring a bunch of new delivery drivers (happily, my wife is now one of the new “drug mules”).

Alas, not all marijuana dispensaries are created equal.

I drove by the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace in downtown Las Vegas today.

The parking lot was packed, with long lines for curbside pickup as well as a separate drive-through window which also sported a long line of cars.

What’s up with that?

Well, I found out, NuWu is owned and operated by the Paiute Indian Tribe.  As such, they don’t have to follow the governor’s imperial #SisolakShutdown orders like everyone else.

How in the hell does that make any sense?

It’s too dangerous for every other legal marijuana dispensary in the state to offer curbside and drive-through pickup service, but not for one located right smack in the middle of town because of some invisible “sovereignty” border that the coronavirus clearly doesn’t recognize?

Screw that.

If the rest of us in Nevada are going to have our God-given rights stripped away due to a bunch of “emergency” executive orders decreed from upon high (no pun intended), these folks should be forced to play by the same rules.

Or if there’s no danger from curbside and drive-through pickup for these folks, then it shouldn’t be for everyone else.

One set of rules, OK?  What’s good for the goose has to be good for the gander.

After all, aren’t we all supposed to be “in this together”?


“Americans are becoming far too comfortable with our rights being ripped away with vague timelines, half-ass explanations and excessive overreach that expands by the day.” – Tomi Lahren

“I notice the press is saying how many males and females are getting the coronavirus.  It’s amazing how all the other 57 genders aren’t getting it.” – Unknown


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