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Partisan Reality Slaps Frosh GOP’er

I’d like to say “I hate to say I told you so,” but I don’t.

Last year, I had any number of first-time Republican legislative candidates tell me they didn’t want to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge because they were told by Democrats that if they signed the Pledge, their bills wouldn’t be heard. So they didn’t sign the Pledge thinking there was a quid pro quo deal to hear their bills.

That was then; this is now.

Last week, John Ralston wrote in RalstonFlash that he “chatted with a GOP freshman today who told me he purposely did not sign the tax pledge because he has an open mind on the issue. But he told me his bills are not being heard and that one chairman informed him they would not be because he doesn’t back them.”

Welcome to the real world. In the give-and-take that is Carson City politics, Republicans always give and Democrats always take; never the other way around. Democrats conned some naive Republicans into not signing the Tax Pledge in last year’s campaigns….then screwed them over by not considering their bills anyway.

Told you so.


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