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Pardon Me while I Beat this Dead Horse

Some people should just learn when to just shut up and leave a sleeping dog lie…and yes, I’ve been called a lot worse than a “dog,” so I don’t mind the comparison.

A guy using the fake name “Darwin Rockantansky” has been pestering me with emails for the past couple of weeks over my criticism of Republican CD-1 candidate Chris Edwards for being the only non-incumbent GOP candidate for Congress in the nation who has NOT signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge this year.

But that’s old news. You all know that already.

And frankly, I stopped writing about it about a week ago because, well, I got bored with it and Edwards just isn’t worth the time. After all, he’s going to get crushed on Election Day and will probably never be heard from again.

Just like Russ Mickelson.



Plus, I got bigger fish to fry (hello, Steven Horsford!).

But then I found out yesterday that this “Rockantansky” fella sent out an email to his “peeps” claiming his incessant nagging was the reason I got off Edwards’ back.

“(Y)ou have seen a cessation of the attacks that Chuck Muth has consistently thrown at Chris Edwards who is running for office in CD-1,” Rocky wrote last Friday. “Chuck Muth, while meaning well, can and is on occasion a school yard bully and like most bullies, he can and was backed down.”

Dumb. Dumb. Stupid. And dumb.

School yard bully? Fine. Whatever. I think of it more as smoking out wishy-washy Republicans and holding their feet to the fire. Or as Harry Truman so famously put it, “I never give them hell; I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell.”

As for being “backed down,” um, not.

Here’s exactly what I wrote to “Darwin” after a couple of fruitless and somewhat bizarre (somehow even the Shah of Iran got brought into this!) email exchanges:

“As it does, indeed, appear you might be a bit unstable, it appears that ceasing any further communications with you is the prudent course.”

So I didn’t “back down” from criticizing Edwards; I backed away from a kook!

Anyway, to show that I, as Tom Petty would say, “won’t back down” at the behest of “Darwin” on this Tax Pledge issue, stay tuned for a new episode of “As the Edwards Turns” in the next couple of days. It’ll “rockantansky” your socks off!


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