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Palin-mania: Catch It!

There’s lots going on here at both the Southern Republican Leadership Conference and in the French Quarter this weekend in New Orleans, but here’s the big thing that happened yesterday in the Big Easy on the shore of the Big Muddy:

My 10-year-old daughter Kristen got to meet briefly with Sarah Palin immediately after her speech on Friday outside the hotel. We just happened to accidentally be at exactly the right place at exactly the right time. If only I could say the same about my ability to use the camera function on my i-Phone. $%#&!!!!

The unexpected run-in aside, Palin’s prepared address to the conference was exceptional – and this from a decided Palin-skeptic. The woman truly is a natural on the political stage. She grabbed the partisan crowd by the throat the minute she walked on stage and never let go. The audience loved every minute of it and, Lord help me, so did I.

You simply could not be in that room listening and watching this woman without picturing her as the GOP presidential nominee in 2012. And you know what? She fits it like a glove. I could totally see her going one-on-one with Barack Obama and kicking his…tuckus.

And for those who like to play race and gender politics, what could be better than replacing the first black president with the first woman president? Well, off to the Court of Two Sisters for brunch….


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