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Our Cray-Cray of the Day


As a public service announcement, allow me to warn everyone that there’s a crazy person in Las Vegas trolling around Twitter named Sara Weston (@realsarahaley).

Here’s an Independence Day sample of her political burbling…

“talking about and given the corruption in this state, I know everything. My son’s dad was sent back here by McCurdy or someone. They promised him something, but he will fall in line with me because I will save him because we have a child together. Make no mistake, I am smarter”

Smarter than what?  A brick?

“You better clean up NV. I am going to send the reinforcements for you. I am watching and I am like a hawk. I demand the resignations of certain people. Everyone on the City Council except @StavrosAnthony and @CouncilmanCrear I demand the resignation of @tsegerblom.”

To which CLARK COUNTY COMMISSIONER Tick Segerblom deadpanned in response…

“i hereby resign from the city council.”

To which she responded…

“I meant County Commission and stand the fuck down, you racist fuck.”

I posted a sarcastically simple reply: “You seem nice.”

Which REALLY set her off…

How sweet.

This woman obviously fell out of the Stupid Tree and hit every branch on the way down.  She also appears to be off her meds and should not be allowed around sharp objects or little kids.

That is all.


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