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Operation Irritation is Launched!

They’re up!

We raised enough money yesterday – with an assist from our friend George Harris – to get the “Operation Irritation” billboards up by dinner time last night.

I’ll bet liberal rush hour was fun this morning!

One little snafu: The attorneys for the billboard company objected to our “Obama so loves the poor, he created millions more!” message.

I don’t know exactly why, but no big deal. We went with this as an alternate: “ObamaCare: Turning Your Doctor’s Office into the DMV.”

And here’s a picture of one of the billboards on the east side of town.

Sorry it’s a little blurry, but I snapped it with my iPhone while whizzing by at 80 mph, eating a cheeseburger, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer while shaving!

Here’s where you can see the messages yourself:

• On the east side of 95, north or Craig, north-facing
• On the east side of I-515, north of Russell, south-facing
• On the north side of I-215, west of Rainbow, east-facing
• On the east side of I-15, south of Edna, north-facing
• On the east side of I-15, north of Bonanza, south-facing
• On the south side of Tropicana, west of Cameron, west-facing
OK, we’ve raised enough money to run these billboard messages all the way through this weekend.

But we still need to raise more to keep them up all the way through Election Day.

So if you haven’t contributed to Operation Irritation yet, please CLICK HERE to keep irritating liberal motorists for the next two weeks!

Or mail your check or money order to: Citizen Outreach, 5841 E. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 230-253, “Mt. Reagan,” NV 89142.

(OK, you do know I was kidding about all that stuff I was doing when I took the picture, right? I mean, there’s NO WAY I’d put cheese on my burger. That stuff will kill you!)


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