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Oh, Man … Did You Ever Miss a KILLER of a Good Time!

(Chuck Muth) – Saturday night’s sold-out “Death & Taxes” fundraising dinner/show at the Italian-American Club for our Pigpen Project was everything I’d hoped and more.

The Laugher Unlimited folks who put on the murder-mystery-comedy production were a riot – especially D.D., the ditzy blond hostess. And yes, there were Alec Baldwin jokes.

Early in the show, the hitman, Sal – who was hired by the killer and mixed and mingled with the unsuspecting crowd during the cocktail reception – got taken down by Lt. Eric Post, the police detective wearing Reno 911-like shorty-shorts.

Lt. Post then began interviewing audience-member witnesses, trying to find out who hired the hitman. Here he is interviewing Ray Serrano – who D.D. hilariously kept incorrectly referring to as “Don Jr.” – with our friend April Becker trying, without success, to keep a straight face…

After the hitman was carted off by the volunteer pall-bearers recruited from audience members, the unknown killer decided to take things into their own hands.

Lisa – a real estate agent and supposed prospective congressional candidate I’d been introducing around – then got poisoned. (Cue: pall bearers.)

While Lt. Post continued interviewing audience members about the murder, Amy – a faux undercover reporterette from Jon Ralston’s liberal news blog – got stabbed. (Cue: pall bearers again)

We later learned that Amy had discovered who the killer was and was blackmailing them.

In the end, the killer was revealed by Lt. Post and taken down with one shot after she threatened to shoot me in a fit of jealousy over my support of Lisa’s candidacy.

All in good fun.  No one was actually harmed in the production of the show.  And a number of guest-sleuths had figured it out.

Who done it?

Former Assemblywoman Annie Black, who put on an Oscar-worthy performance at the end.

In her closing statement admitting guilt, Annie explained that she was furious that I had recruited a “bimbo” to run for Congress in the seat she ran for last year.

“I have a question for you, Chuck,” she snarled with righteous indignation while holding a gun on Lt. Post (and trying to keep from bursting out laughing).  “I know you worked for Dennis Hof, but are you recruiting ALL your political candidates from the Bunny Ranch now?”

That one really broke up the crowd.

Fortunately, as Annie turned her gun on me, Lt. Post took her out before she could take me out!

To say a good time was had by all would be an understatement. What a blast.  And all for a good cause; to clean up Nevada’s “dirty” voter rolls.

Thank you to everyone who joined us.  If you were there and had a good time, please shoot me a review ( that I can post on the website once the photos come back.

Now the only question is: How are we gonna top this one for our next event?

I have some ideas.  Stay tuned, Batfans…


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