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Office of Parental Involvement and Family Engagement?

OK, I still have to say Sen. Mike Schneider’s nanny-state bill requiring auto repair shops to check your tire pressure under penalty of law is the stupidest bill of the session. But AB 224 could be a close second.

Sponsored by Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson (D-Bad Teachers), the budget-busting bill grows government by creating a whole new state office – the Office of Parental Involvement and Family Engagement – whose mission will be to force parents to give a rat’s pitooey about their kids’ education, including the hiring of a new, full-time director whose job it will be to “re-engage disengaged parents.”

Section 3(d)(4) of the bill actually calls for “home visitations” by government bureaucrats who will knock on your door and say, “Hi, I’m from the government…and I’m here to help you care about your children’s education.”

Good grief.

The bill passed in the Assembly 29-13…with three (bad) Republican votes:

Assembly Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea
Assemblyman Tom Grady
Assemblyman Pat Hickey


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