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Of Lawyers, By Lawyers, For Lawyers

Not only is moderate Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio bad on taxes and spending, he’s no real fan of representative democracy either – at least when it comes to allowing voters to choose their own judges.

Sen. Raggio is again sponsoring a bill (SJR 2) this year to strip away from voters the right to elect judges. If his legislation passes, judges would appointed by the governor from among a list of candidates put forward by a judicial selection committee.

“This tastes like and feels like inside ball,” remarked state Sen. Mark Amodei (R-Carson City) at a hearing on Monday. “This process is heavily weighted by members of the bar. It’s a bunch of lawyers who are going to have a choice.”

Electing judges is the worst system possible for filling judicial seats…except for all the others. Including SJR 2.


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