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Observations from the 2014 Campaign Trail

The myth that conservatives who want increased immigration enforcement are just anti-Hispanic has now been proved a lie.  Indeed, the #1 target for deportation in the United States today isn’t Mexican, but Canadian: Justin Bieber!

That said, anyone wanting to contact their congressman to voice their opinion on the new Ryan Amnesty Act of 2014 can call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.  Actually, you can use this number to call Congress on any issue, not just immigration.

This year’s Republican response to the State of the Union Address was, once again, HORRIBLE.

And don’t give me this crud about how tough it is for anyone to follow POTUS after his SOTU.  The GOP needs to stop delivering boring, uninspiring, cookie-cutter, inside-the-beltway speeches prepared by “professional” speechwriters and instead try talking like, you know, real people.

Democrats in Nevada have had a field day with the announcement that former liberal lieutenant governor Sue Wagner left the Republican Party because, she says, it’s shifted too far to the right.

Two things: First, Sue Wagner hasn’t been an active Nevada Republican for over 20 years.  Secondly, Wagner is so liberal she makes Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R-Partners) look like a Bircher.

Her departure from the GOP is neither meaningful nor a big loss.

While bending over backwards to raise a bundle of cash for R&R Partners’ hand-picked lieutenant governor candidate, “Moderate Mark” Hutchison, word on the street is that Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R Partners) has barely lifted a finger for GOP attorney general candidate Adam Laxalt, who is running against R&R Partners’ anointed candidate in that race, Democrat Secretary of State Ross Miller.

Democrat congressional candidate Erin Bilbray’s gang-that-couldn’t-shoot-straight campaign recently lost her highly-regarded campaign manager, Bradley Mayer, and replaced him with a liberal abortion rights activist with no experience as a campaign manager and whose main claim to fame is working on a past Nancy Pelosi campaign.

I still think the Democrats’ problem isn’t the wrong campaign manager in this race, but the wrong candidate.

Conservative Assemblyman Ira Hansen (R-Washoe) says government bureaucrats from the Nevada Department of Wildlife have a vendetta against him which is behind its “filing of four misdemeanor counts of unlawfully setting traps.”  And when you look at the actual law, it’s hard to argue his point.

It’s also another reminder: The more money you give government, the more harassment of this sort the government is able to rain upon us citizens.

Since the Legislature has refused to act, conservative activist Sharron Angle has filed a ballot initiative that, if approved, would require everyone to show a photo ID  before voting, just like the photo ID you have to show before boarding a plane or cashing a check.  Makes sense.  Just do it.


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