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Nye GOP “Excommunicates” Sandoval & Oscarson for “Defrauding” Voters

While liberal propaganda blabbermouths like Jon Ralston worship the ground walked on by liberal RINO (Republican in Name Only) Gov. Brian Sandoval and his liberal RINO enablers in the Legislature for shoving the largest tax hike in Nevada’s history up our collective wazoos in the recently completed session, the real Republicans over at the Nye County GOP ripped America’s Worst Governor and Assemblyman James Oscarson a new one at a special meeting held in Pahrump this morning.

Actually, they did more than that. They essentially threw them out of the party!

But in case you missed what I wrote earlier this week about Assemblyman Judas Benedict-Arnold Oscarson, Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith this morning summed things up nicely…

“Although some conservatives suspected Oscarson was secretly pretty squishy politically, his late-session defection invited a large target to be painted on his back. By Sunday, he began taking fire.

“Prolific right-wing political blogger Chuck Muth, the Luca Brasi of the Republican Assembly’s staunchly conservative mob, went after Oscarson with something called a “Brush Fire Alert.”

“’Fresh off his ‘useful idiot’ performance as a member of the Not-So-Great-Eight in killing ‘campus carry’ for this session, Assemblyman James Oscarson on Saturday joined the ranks of Republican sell-outs supporting Gov. Brian ‘America’s Worst Governor’ Sandoval’s $1.5 billion tax hike,’ Muth roared, exhorting Nye County Republicans to contact Oscarson immediately to remind him of his betrayal to conservative political principles, God, flag and so forth.

“Measured, Muth ain’t. He plays a key role in keeping the Legislature’s conservative soldiers in line, in no small part by reminding them they’ll get whacked if they even consider raising a tax or questioning whether a company doing business in Nevada is paying its fair share. If they go sideways, Muth calls them a RINO (Republican in Name Only) or something more colorful.

“Except, according to the cover of his website, Oscarson’s not even a RINO. There’s scant mention of his Republican Party status. That, too, is likely to get him vilified by the locals who voted for him believing he was going to hold the line on taxes.”

Vilified, rightly so, indeed.

Which brings us to the resolution passed unanimously by the Nye County Republican Party this morning, in which Sandoval and Oscarson were accused of defrauding and betraying the voters of Nye County.  As such, they were stripped of ceremonial membership in the body.

Here’s the resolution in its entirety…


Resolution Concerning Governor Sandoval and Assemblyman James Oscarson DEFRAUDING Republicans and violating Republican Principles & Platforms

Resolution Excommunicating Republicans Who Voted For Largest Tax Increase in Nevada History

WHEREAS, the Republican Party is the party of limited government and fiscal responsibility;

WHEREAS, Nevada voters overwhelmingly defeated the Margins Tax in November, 2014;

WHEREAS, Governor Brian Sandoval campaigned relentlessly against new business taxes while his staff wrote the largest tax increase in Nevada history;

WHEREAS, Assemblyman James Oscarson came before the Nye County Central Committee and promised not to vote for any new taxes;

WHEREAS, Nye County Republicans spent their time, effort, energy and money to help get Governor Brian Sandoval and Assemblyman James Oscarson re-elected;

WHEREAS, Nye County voters were defrauded by Governor Brian Sandoval and James Oscarson via their support of principles and platforms in direct conflict with the Republican Party;

WHEREAS, on March 28, 2015 The Nevada Republican Central Committee unanimously passed a Resolution of Fiscal Responsibility (attached);

BE IT RESOLVED that Governor Brian Sandoval and Assemblyman James Oscarson, due (to) their betrayal of the trust and responsibility to Republicans, have made themselves unwelcome to enjoy the privilege of being honorary members of the Nye County Republican Central Committee;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Governor Brian Sandoval and Assemblyman James Oscarson no longer have the support of the Nye County Republican Central Committee;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Nye County Republican Central Committee encourages Republicans in Nye County and throughout Nevada to withhold any future support from Brian Sandoval and James Oscarson in any future elections.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Nye County Republican Central Committee shall distribute this resolution publicly.

Approved on June the 6th, 2015 by the Executive Committee of the Nye County Republican Central Committee

If only the other three county GOP’s where the other dozen sell-outs graze – Clark, Washoe and Carson City – had the strength of their convictions to step up, call a RINO a RINO and toss the SandRINOvistas out on their cans.

And because it’s important never to forget who the Dirty Baker’s Dozen of RINOs who voted for the largest tax hike in Nevada’s history are, here’s the full rogues gallery list…

Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson – Nye County
Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill – Carson City
Assemblyman Pat “RINO” Hickey – Washoe
Assemblyman Randy “Kirner Tax” Kirner – Washoe
Assemblyman David Gardner – Clark
Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury – Clark
Assemblyman Lynn “The Bug Man” Stewart – Clark
Assemblyman Paul Anderson – Clark
Assemblyman Derek Armstrong-Anderson – Clark
Assemblyman Stephen Silberkraus – Clark
Assemblyman Erv Nelson – Clark
Assemblyman Glenn Trowbridge – Clark
Assembly Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick – Clark

Let the primaries begin!


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