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Now pitching for the Mud Hens…Jon Ralston


That’s what Jon Ralston, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger-without-a-TV-show, called me last Sunday in a tweet after I rained on his parade and spoiled his surprise by breaking the story of his triumphant return to the tube…five days before he and taxpayer-subsidized PBS made the official announcement on Thursday.

I feel really bad about that (not).

The new-and-improved, though not lemon-scented, Ralston Jive! will debut on March 2nd, and the finger-tapping host’s first guest will be “America’s Worst Governor,” Brian Sandoval, the Billion Dollar Man.

I’m sure Jon will have a thrill running up his leg the entire time.

Jon, as is his wont, self-promoted his new show as akin to the Second Coming. In reality, it’s just the latest example of his slide back to the minor leagues.

King Jon was once the Dean of Political Journalists in Nevada. He had a column in the biggest newspaper in the biggest city in the state, the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He was then relegated to a column in an insert in the biggest newspaper in the biggest city in the state, the Las Vegas Sun.

And now he writes for a newspaper in the Biggest Little City in the state, the Reno Gazette-Journal.

At this rate, his next gig will be as a staff reporter for the Rebel Yell.

As for television, Jon went from guest appearances on PBS’ Nevada Week in Review show, to his own show on a Las Vegas public access channel, then to a statewide program on Nevada’s NBC network affiliates.

And until just a few short months ago, when he was canned by NBC, Jon had serious delusions of grandeur, regularly self-promoting himself for a national show on MSNBC.

And now…

Taxpayer-subsidized PBS. Where programs go that can’t compete on commercial TV…with the notable exception of Sesame Street.

But Jon Ralston is no Kermit the Frog!

If you thought Jon’s audience was small on NBC – and judging by the ratings, it was! – you’ll be able to fit all the viewers of Ralston Jive! in the back room of a Denny’s.

At this rate, his next gig will be on a You Tube channel.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


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