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Nolan Knows, and Loves, Big Brother

“Real ID will not do anything to make us more ‘secure’, ‘safe’, or anything else,” wrote Leonard Foster to his state senator, dennis “the menace” nolan recently. “I oppose Real ID and further government intrusion. We have more than enough socialist/communist programs in our lives now. We need to get rid of these, not add to them.”

Foster was urging nolan to vote “no” on Senate bill (SB 52), advising him that ten other states have already told the feds to take their de facto national ID card and shove it. To which the esteemed…er, I mean steamed…senator replied tartly:

“You unfortunately are uniformed.  I would suggest you request a copy of the transcript of the hearing to better inform yourself on this issue.”

Ah, yes, how to win friends and influence voters. Nothing like telling a constituent that his difference of opinion is the result of gross ignorance. Yea, yea, so you say. The Great Nolan knows best. Bow before your sovereign!


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