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Night of the Living Dead Liberal Agenda

Quite often the only thing worse than a bad movie is the sequel.  And so it is with the Left’s agenda this election season.

First up: a business income/margins tax in Nevada with the money earmarked for the bottomless financial pit known as public education.  This remake is so bad that even the AFL-CIO is opposed to it – and it was their original idea!

Then, of course, there’s ObamaCare.  The Left must save it at all costs, even though it’s costing us a small fortune, as well as our freedoms by the day.  Especially the Nevada version.

Recent news reports show it was a very, very bad idea to capitulate to Obama and set up our own home-grown health care exchange, a mistake you and I will be paying for years into the future.

Ditto Medicaid expansion in Nevada.  Another feel-good idea that’s going to make taxpayers feel lots and lots of pain down the road.  Whose brilliant idea was it to allow more people to get “free” government health care rather than have them pay for their own government-subsidized health care?

Hiking the minimum wage.  Why stop at $10 an hour?  If it’s an acceptable role of government to tell a private employer how much he must pay a private worker, why not make everyone a millionaire?  Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Extending unemployment benefits.  Sure, why not?  Nothing says job creation like paying people to sit on their duffs and do nothing.  If paying people not to work for 99 weeks – almost two years – is a good idea, wouldn’t it be even better if we just gave everyone LIFETIME unemployment benefits?

Equal pay.  Hey, what could more fair than the government forcing private employers to pay different people with different backgrounds, experience, talents and attitude the exact same amount of money – you know, like the unions do?  And after all, look how superior our public education system is thanks to the teachers union.

Comprehensive immigration reform.  For the Right, that means fixing a broken system that has let this problem get out of control over the last 25 years.  For the Left this means amnesty and citizenship – including voting rights – for everybody!  As long as they vote Democrat, that is.

Gun control.  Yes, nothing says personal safety like disarming all the good guys so only bad guys have guns.  It’s a liberal utopia, I tell ya.

We’ve seen this movie before.  FDR was the original executive producer in the early 20th century.  LBJ and the hippies resurrected the genre in the 60s.  BO is behind the camera today.  And if these horror flicks ever become reality it will eventually lead to the total destruction of the greatest country the world has ever seen.

Cut!  That’s a wrap, folks.


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