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New Wrinkle in GOP’s Endorsement Process

There still exists some significant confusion over the Nevada Republican Party’s endorsement policy even after the endorsement votes were postponed until the state GOP convention in April.  And the problem seems to be internally with folks being confused over whether they are actually “endorsing” candidates or simply giving them a “seal of approval.”

To most of us, if you endorse candidates that means the Central Committee is expressing a preference, for whatever reason or reasons (philosophical, electability, able to hit a three at the buzzer, etc.), of one candidate over another (or others).

So let’s say Candidate A and Candidate B in a particular GOP primary race each requested evaluation by the party’s Nominating Committee and both candidates were “Recommended” for an endorsement vote because both met the minimum requirements of whatever criteria was established by the committee.

You would think that means that both candidates would appear on a ballot in April…and convention delegates would vote for one or the other…and whichever candidate got 50%-plus-one would get the GOP’s officials “Endorsement.”

But it appears that some party leaders instead desire to have their cake and eat it, too.

As such, two Silver State Confidential subscribers have told me that instead of both candidates appearing on the ballot together, with one of them winning the endorsement, each candidate will be voted on individually and separately.

So if Candidate A gets 50%-plus-one of the vote he gets endorsed.  Then the delegates will vote separately and individually on Candidate B.  And if Candidate B also gets 50%-plus-one of the delegate votes, he TOO will be endorsed.

Which means the endorsement will mean absolutely nothing.  As said in The Incredibles, “If everyone’s special, no one is.”

I HOPE it’s not true that this is how the party intends to proceed with its endorsements in April…and I’m trying to get clarification as we speak.  Will let you know as soon as I know.


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