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#NeverHeller Movement Adds Another to Long List of Grievances

Why is this man laughing?

Yesterday, on Labor Day, Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller came out in favor of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional “executive amnesty” program, known as DACA, telling the Reno Gazette-Journal in a statement, “I’ve made clear that I support the program.”

Oy, vey.  Talk about aid-and-comfort.

I am now convinced that Heller – who has been a professional politician in Nevada since 1990 – is intentionally TRYING to lose his re-election bid.

The list of grievances against Heller by Nevada conservatives and Republican primary voters is long – and getting longer by the day.  A sampling…

  • Heller was a #NeverTrumper who helped Hillary Clinton win Nevada in 2016 and almost the presidency.
  • He voted against repealing ObamaCare in 2017 even though it was the exact same bill he voted for in 2015 when he knew Obama would veto it.
  • He opposed the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio even though the “Get Joe” persecution was a pure political witch hunt by the Obama regime.
  • He opposed President Trump’s temporary travel ban on people from seven countries known to harbor terrorists, falsely claiming it was a “religious ban.”
  • He said he has “no problems with federal funding for Planned Parenthood,” the nation’s foremost abortion provider, and declared, “I will protect Planned Parenthood.”
  • He supported Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Castro’s brutal and tyrannical regime in Cuba.
  • He supports same-day voter registration and allowing Democrats to vote in Republican primaries.
  • He supported indefinite extension of “emergency” unemployment benefits long after the worst of the Obama recession was over.
  • He supports taxpayer subsidies for “renewable” energy.
  • As Secretary of State, Heller “short-circuited” the recount in the John Ensign/Harry Reid U.S. Senate race that Reid won by a mere 428 votes.
  • He’s adopted Harry Reid’s position and deceptive rhetoric against the scientific study of Yucca Mountain and opposes any discussion of potential benefits for Nevada’s citizens.

Sen. Heller only won his election to this seat six years ago by less than 11,000 votes against a deeply flawed Democrat opponent – in a race in which almost 100,000 voters voted for “None of the Above” or the conservative third-party candidate in race.

Heller has since successfully turned far more than that number into #NeverHellers.  As such, I’d argue he can no longer can win the general election in 2018.

Republicans, ye be warned.


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