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Nevada’s “Jihadi Jon” Strikes Again!

‘Jihadi Jon” Ralston

Conservative-hating liberal blogger “Jihadi Jon” Ralston (pictured right) has been on a crusade against conservative Republican Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt for voting against a pardon for a man convicted of murder after admitting to it and then pleading guilty to the same murder years later in a plea deal even though he claims he’s innocent.

Laxalt, as noted here a few days ago, based his “no” vote on the objections raised by the Clark County District Attorney’s office which prosecuted the case.

But now the D.A., Steve Wolson – a Democrat, so he gets a pass – supposedly told Jihadi Jon in an alleged email (that conveniently wasn’t linked to) that the Assistant D.A. who wrote the objection to the pardon “incorrectly referred to the plea bargain (in 1995) as a guilty plea.”

Technically, this is true.

He didn’t “plead” guilty in the first trial.  He was FOUND guilty by a jury after he ADMITTED to the murder when first questioned by investigators.  The subsequent plea agreement was to avoid the death sentence.

Later, during the appeals process, he actually pled guilty to second degree murder in a plea bargain.  So he did, in fact, admit his guilt twice, but only technically pled guilty once.  A difference without a real distinction.

But that hasn’t stopped our liberal fake news peddler from continuing his fatwa against Laxalt.

Over the weekend Jihadi Jon characterized the Nevada AG’s vote against the pardon as “bizarre” and “inexplicable.”  And in a blog post he attacked five GOP lawmakers who on Friday published an op-ed defending Laxalt’s vote against the pardon.

And get this…

In the same blog post Jihadi Jon included a quote, also attacking Laxalt, by Laxalt’s Democrat gubernatorial opponent, Steve Sisolak, without disclosing that Sisolak is listed as a major financial contributor to the Ralston Rag blog!

So much for ethical “transparency.”

Also last week, on a separate issue – Nevada Sen. Dean Heller’s refusal to call for pervert Sen. Al Franken to resign (in the interest of disclosure, Heller’s opponent is one of my clients) – Jihadi Jon saw fit to refer to conservative Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks as nothing more than a “GOP stenographer.”

Let me tell you a couple things about Victor…

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Science, History and Math from the illustrious, conservative Hillsdale College and was named Citizen Outreach’s “Conservative Rising Star” in 2009.

Before he joined the RJ at the beginning of this year, the man was vice president of Nevada’s premier conservative think tank where he wrote extensive, detailed position papers on all manner of public policies and issues – from education to health care to the budget and more.

Oh, he’s also in the Army National Guard and spent all of last year away from his wife and two young children serving in defense of this nation in Iraq.

And Jihadi Jon finds it appropriate to insultingly refer to this honorable, thoughtful man as a “GOP stenographer”?

Shameful.  Absolutely shameful.

This Ralston clown has never met a bridge he wouldn’t burn.  He’s strapped with partisan explosives and appears intent on self-detonating any day now, taking his newsblog and team of otherwise talented and professional reporters with him.

He’ll be missed by…nobody.


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