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Nevada’s “Democrat” Governor

From Sunday’s front page in the New York Times…

“My jaw dropped,” Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, a conservative Republican in Nevada, said after hearing Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, propose a $1.1 billion tax increase for education this month. “Whether we kill it by five votes or 15 votes or 25 votes, we are going to kill it.”

The story concluded with the following…

If Republicans were distressed by Governor Sandoval’s speech, Democrats were nothing short of ecstatic. “I never thought I’d see the day when a Republican governor was proposing all the things we’ve been proposing for the last 20 years,” said State Senator Moises Denis, a Democrat from Las Vegas.


Oh, and apparently Sandoval isn’t finished hiking taxes yet!

Indeed, Citizen Outreach CEO Dan Burdish found the following in the cover letter the governor submitted with his budget…

“I am also including resources for the Department of Taxation to collect data necessary to evaluate the extension of sales tax to services. This must be done before this revenue option can be fully evaluated.”

So not only does Sandoval want to make the sunsets permanent.  And not only does he want a new gross receipts tax.  And not only does he want to jack up the tax on cigarettes.  Now we find he’s also laying the groundwork to start taxing haircuts and auto repairs!

Indeed, the reality is that it wasn’t the Democrats who didn’t have a strong gubernatorial candidate in November.  It was Republicans.


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