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Nevada’s Chaos Caucus: If Only Someone Could Have Seen This Coming

(Chuck Muth) – Sample ballots for the official February 6 Nevada Presidential Preference Primary started hitting mailboxes this week and Republican voters are having a cow over them.

“Mrs. Mae” identifies herself on Twitter as “ULTRA MAGA” – meaning she’s a strong supporter of Donald Trump. And on Tuesday she received her sample ballot.  She looked at it, posted a photo of it, and tweeted:

“Why is my official primary mail-in ballot missing a certain DONALD J TRUMP?”

Oh, boy. Here we go…

“Startell” chimed in with a “W-T-F” (“What The F*ck”) graphic and wrote: “SO IT BEGINS  —  TRUMP NOT ON BALLOT IN NEVADA  !!”

“Elevator Charles” re-tweeted “Mrs. Mae’s” tweet and wrote…

“Below is allegedly a mail-in Republican Primary ballot from Pershing County, Nevada. You will notice there are a few notable names missing: Trump, DeSantis, Ramaswamy, More? I cannot figure out what is going on.”

@ALR229712812 replied…

“Being from Pershing County I would say whoever is running Voter Registers Office these days has made a sizable error… This is a small rural town with good ppl in it but obviously someone needs to correct the ballot issue prior to Election Day.”

No, it’s no error.

It’s exactly the way the Nevada Republican Party wanted it – despite warnings after warnings that banning candidates from appearing on the primary ballot was going to cause metaphysical confusion.

Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of responses generated from just this one voter’s tweet…

  • @LLH713: “Neither is DeSantis this is not a current ballot.”
  • @Megultra: This can’t be a real ballot. Where did it come from? No DeSantis, Vivek or Trump! Fishy fishy stuff.”
  • @lschramp: “Neither is Vivek, DeSantis, Christie or anyone who is still in the race other than Haley.”
  • @httr_nick69: “There is also no Desantis or Ramaswamy. What is going on in Nevada?”
  • @Bmac50170838: “So pissed I’m at a loss for words!”
  • @LizLemon5759: “Nevada playing games, both Scott and Pence aren’t running, so they’re trying to siphon votes.”
  • @DeltaQu57975908: “Yet they have traitor Mike Pence on the ballot. He has withdrawn from the race!!!! I am shaking I am so furious!!!!!”
  • @DrkRaven62 wrote: “This is wild there are candidates on there like Pence and Scott that have dropped out. Trump is not on there or Vivek or DeSantis. This is wrong for everyone not just Trump.”
  • @afrankpuglia: “There is something not right here. Counties do not have the authority to change a presidential primary ballot.”
  • @PatriotzSoulz: “I’d dare say that’s a Jerry-rigged ballot paper. We’ll see.”
  • @douglashinrichs: “Trump not on the Nevada Ballot, what other states are doing this??”
  • @lIrey202012: “Somebody has to put a stop to this illegal crap!”
  • NuclearMaga: “The cheating has begun.”
  • @Bewese10: “These democrats never stopped and always cheat. They are truly evil and disgusting!”
  • @MrX553930586764: “This pisses me off to no end, typical scumbag democrat move!”
  • @CHRIS_Toph111: “These scumbags will do anything.”
  • @Daisy1231337593: “I would be making so much noise these fuktards would run. How dare they pull bs like this.”
  • @SeanAda62875470: “This could start war, and I’ll fucking fight too.”
  • @Ladylaw31256058: “I would strongly suggest providing conservative media outlets a copy as well…including Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon on Rumble. This MUST go viral!”
  • @RebeccaBarney20: “Everyone in Nevada needs to get ahold of their State Reps or anyone else connected to elections and raise a big stink about this.”
  • @j_boogie419: “Contact nevada state legislature. Ask why are you being coheresed, extorted, or harassed under 18 U.S.C. 242 to not vote for whom you wish.”

Another replied and tried to explain the primary vs. caucus fuster-cluck created by the Nevada GOP, leading “Mrs. Mae” to reply:

“I guess it makes sense to some idiot making everything confusing to voters. … They have to make it as confusing as possible so we don’t know whether they have cheated or not.  I think that’s how that works.”

Confusing, indeed.  And we’re just getting started…

  • @BrooklynGurl: “I dunno, It is confusing. I hope other people get to vote Trump when he’s the person they want.”
  • @Americanvsgov: “It’s very unfortunate that it’s this confusing.”

But here are my two favorites…

  • @DiverDa74038889: “Does @NVGOP know about this?”
  • @gingertealkp: Wow! That’s egregious! I knew America had fallen. But that’s beyond ridiculous. How could @NVGOP let this crap happen? It’s over before it’s even started.🙄 #ClownWorld.”

Know about it? Let it happen? They CREATED it!

Back in September the Nevada Republican Central Committee voted to BAN candidates who wanted to participate in its in-house presidential caucus from also putting their names on the official Nevada presidential primary ballot.

The GOP had every right to select its delegates to the Republican National Convention via the old caucus system.  But the presidential primary was established by LAW.

What the party could have and should have done was let all the candidates participate in BOTH.  But in its indisputable effort to rig the caucus for Trump, it prohibited candidates from filing for the primary if they wanted to participate in the caucus.

The Democrats didn’t do this.  The Secretary of State didn’t do this.  The county registrars didn’t do this.  The Nevada Republican Party did it.

And just wait until the actual mail-in ballots hit in a few days.  Imagine the outrage sure to come from people, especially those not on social media, who have no idea about how the Nevada GOP fouled up this primary vs. caucus issue.

If shooting yourself in the foot was an Olympic event, the Nevada GOP would be gold medal winners.

P.S. A number of people on Twitter have advised folks confused by the absence of their candidate to “write in” the name of their preferred choice. No can do. Nevada doesn’t allow write-ins.


“LOL, behold the insanity & confusion. The @GOP is totally f*cked. Sorry, no other way to say it. It cannot get out of its own way.” – @Ropespinner2

“Nothing like confusing the f*ck out of a process that was already being co-opted by your opponents. Strong work @NVGOP.” – @MP_NHxpat

“Personally, I am frustrated with how confusing this all is, which was why I felt compelled to try and explain things the best I can.  It is what it is at this point. If you have questions or concerns, contact the NVGOP at 702-586-2000 or email them at” – Courtney Holland

Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views, and founder of  You can sign up for his conservative, Nevada-focused e-newsletter at  His views are his own.


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