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Nevada RINO Hunt: It’s Time to Get “Stoned”!

(Chuck Muth) – Nevada State Sen. Joe Hardy enjoys the distinction of being the only GOP member of the Nevada Legislature who voted for both the then-largest tax hike in Nevada history as an assemblyman in 2003, as well as the current record-holding largest tax hike in Nevada history in 2015 as a state senator.

Nice guy personally.  But he is, and always has been, a RINO’s RINO (Republican in Name Only).  Fortunately, the man who’s never met a tax he wouldn’t hike is now termed out of the Legislature, leaving his GOP-majority Senate seat open.

Unfortunately, Hardy has already endorsed a fellow tax-hiking RINO, Assemblyman Glen Leavitt, to replace himself.

Fortunately, though, there’s an experienced, rock-solid conservative alternative who will also be on the ballot for Republican voters to vote for.  His name is Jeff Stone…and conservatives are gonna LOVE this guy.

Let’s start with the fact that he’s a California refugee, not a missionary.

He’s a successful real estate investor who owned and operated six independent pharmacies (still owns one compounding-only pharmacy) and “decided almost 4 years ago that California was on a collision course to financial failure.”  So he and his wife “sold most of their real estate holdings in California and moved them to business-friendly Nevada.”

Jeff’s now a licensed real estate agent living in Henderson who also set up a website – – “to help frustrated Californians quickly sell their homes and relocate and buy a home in Nevada.”

“I see Nevada at its infancy,” Stone said in a recent interview with the Palm Spring Desert Sun.  “It’s a no-state-income-tax state. They have major road improvements going on. Their freeways are clean. …You’ve got the world capital of entertainment, a world capital of sports.”

But Jeff’s not just any ol’ Californian who escaped from Gov. Gavin Newsome’s hell-hole.  Get this…

In addition to being a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Jeff has almost three decades’ worth of experience as a conservative elected official.  He’s a former Temecula city councilman, a former member of the Riverside Board of Supervisors and a former California state senator.

So no OJT (on the job training) needed.

After five years in the Senate, Jeff saw the writing on the wall.  He points to a 2017 gas tax hike as “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“It was one too many taxes,” he said.  “I told my wife, ‘This is not good.  We need to start thinking about a different future for us.’”

So shortly after attending President Donald Trump’s inauguration, he applied for an appointment to a position at the Department of Labor.  He was accepted, resigned his senate seat and served as the DOL’s Western Regional Director until Trump left office last year.

Now he’s set his sights on Carson City, hoping to stop Nevada from making the same huge mistakes that have ruined the land of fruits and nuts.

“If we do not get true conservatives up to Carson City,” Stone warns, “Nevada will turn into California in the blink of an eye. Higher taxes. Business-killing regulations. A skyrocketing crime rate. A crumbling economy. Those are just a few things that the liberals in Carson City want to emulate and bring to Nevada.”

As a California state senator, Jeff signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes” and has already signed it again for his Nevada senate race.

“In my 27 years in elected office, I never voted for a tax hike,” Jeff proudly declares. “And that’s because I think government should try to live within its means.  You’ve got to run government like a business.”

His opponent, Ass. Leavitt, has refused to sign the Pledge.

Aside from “ensuring Nevada doesn’t become another California,” Jeff intends to introduce legislation “creating enhanced penalties for fentanyl dealers” and protecting “voting integrity.”

“It’s very simple,” he told the Desert Sun.  “I think people should have to show an ID to vote, and I think people should be citizens of the United States in order to vote.”

As to the criticism sure to come from Leavitt that he’s a “carpet-bagger,” Jeff notes that Nevada has one of the highest non-native populations in the country, “where everybody is new and the old names have kind of just withered off.”

Fact Check: TRUE.

Senate District 20 is a solid “red” district.  Whoever wins the GOP primary is gonna win the seat.  And Jeff’s already put his money where his mouth is; seeding his campaign with $100,000 out of his own pocket.

For more information, click here.

If RINO Leavitt was smart – which he’s not – he’d stick to trying to defend his assembly seat rather than trying to climb the ladder into the Senate.

If not, we’re goin’ RINO huntin’!  And I can’t wait for all of us to get “Stoned.”

Muth’s Truths

The rigging of the 2020 election is not a “Big Lie.”  The Big Lie is the left’s claim that the Big Steal didn’t happen.  It did.  The silver lining: Everybody knows what to look for now.  Gonna be much harder for Dems to pull off another Big Steal in ’22 and ’24.

Fan Mail from a Flounder

WARNING: Naughty words ahead…

It’s almost too easy to irritate liberals.  One, Jeff Fineman, read a recent column I wrote for Liberty Watch Magazine and fired off the following in an email…

“My partner and I received a copy of Liberty Watch, your disgusting piece of trash. I don’t know how we ever got on your mailing list since we are liberal Democrats and Never Trumpers! … In closing, I must tell you that I’m tearing the pages out of your publication and using them to line my Himalayan cat’s litter box.  I think that’s only thing that would justify their existence.”

How cute.  To which I replied…

“We send it out to liberals such as yourself just to see if we can p*ss you off & get you to respond in an unhinged rant.  Mission accomplished.  Thanks for reading.”

Hoo-boy, did THAT set him off…

“The only thing ‘unhinged’ is your cauldron of lies and dumb-assed fealty to the most incompetent, corrupt President the U.S. has ever had. Up yours, traitorous ass-hole!!!  P.S. Chuck Muth rhymes with Fuck Truth…how appropriate.”

I ain’t known at the #1 Irritator of Liberals for nuthin’!  😊

Election ’22 Update

* DC’s anointed U.S. Senate candidate for Nevada, Adam Laxalt, is reporting $1.35 million raised in the fourth quarter.  His opponent, Capt. Sam Brown, reported raising $1.05 million.  As much as Laxalt wants the public to believe his primary coronation is a done deal…it’s not.  Not by a long shot.

* GOP gubernatorial candidate Dr. Fred Simon is a conservative who’s unfortunately picked the wrong race to run for at the wrong time.  But he’s got some solid policy ideas.  Read all about them in this extensive Nevada Globe interview with Megan BarthClick here

* Air Force vet and Reno resident Tony Grady has announced his candidacy for lieutenant governor. If you want to learn more about him, check out this interview conducted by Sam Shad of Nevada Newsmakers.

* Former GOP State Sen. Jesse Haw, a Republican, is running for Secretary of State.  Also reportedly mulling throwing her stilettos into that race: Former Nevada GOP Chieftess Amy Tarkanian.

* Conservative GOP activist Tom Daly has announced his candidacy for Nevada Assembly District 26 in Washoe County.  That district is currently represented by Lisa Krasner, who’s now running for an open State Senate seat against conservative talk-show hostess Monica Jaye.

The first thing Mr. Daly did: Sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge!


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