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Nevada RINO Assembly Leader Anderson has Major Twitter Meltdown with Conservative Activist

Paul Anderson went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs over Trump, criticism of his tax hike.

Paul Anderson went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs over Trump, criticism of his tax hike.

Republican State Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson got into a tweet-fight with conservative grassroots activist Laurel Fee on Sunday night and went so far as to declare that Republicans who support Donald Trump for president should leave the party!

It all started when the Las Vegas Review-Journal published a story online about a former staffer to U.S. Sen. Harry Reid throwing his hat into the ring as a Democrat challenger to tax-hiking incumbent RINO (Republican In Name Only) Assemblyman Derek Armstrong in District 21 in Clark County.

Anderson said the announcement provided nothing more than “false hope” for Democrats; that Republicans were “all in to protect” Armstrong.

To which Fee replied that Republicans in the district “won’t vote for the dishonest (Armstrong) again.”

She went on to predict a “poison endorsement” from tax-hiking Gov. Brian Sandoval was on the horizon.

That’s when Anderson lost his sh*t.

The RINO leader predicted that Armstrong’s re-election “will show how out of touch with reality you are!”

Fee responded that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was showing that it’s establishment Republicans who are actually the ones out of touch, and jokingly asked if Anderson was still supporting Jeb Bush for president.

Anderson then referred to Trump supporters as “zealots” and invited Fee and Trump-supporting Republicans to leave the party.

Anderson – or someone on his behalf – then entered the fight using the Twitter account of Anderson’s PAC to declare that Trump was a “threat to actually winning the White House obstacle.”

I think the anonymous tweeter meant “winning” the White House.  Such a typo and indecipherable grammar indicates it might have been Nathan Emens doing the actual tweeting.

Anyway, the flare-up ended shortly after Fee suggested that Anderson “stop tweeting and start figuring out how to spin to the voters (that) you are a Republican.”

Tax-hiking GOP incumbents are putting on a brave face in public, claiming the tax hike won’t hurt them.  But as this heated exchange with Fee demonstrates, deep down they’re scared to their skivvies.


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