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Nevada GOP takes Guv, Senate leader to woodshed

The Nevada Republican Party issued a statement on Friday that caused Jon Ralston, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger-with-a-coming-taxpayer-funded-TV-show and unofficial Press Secretary for Gov. Brian “America’s Worst Governor” Sandoval, to have one of his patented hissy-fit meltdowns.

While foaming at the mouth and dripping drool on his keyboard, Ralston belted out the following…

“The Nevada Republican Party, a continuing cavalcade of cuckoo’s nests, has sent out a long missive attacking the Establishemnt (does this guy not know about spell-check?) Republicans, the governor and lawmakers who rightly destroyed state Treasurer Dan Schwartz’s idiotic ‘alternative budget’ on Thursday.”

To the contrary, the statement, responsibly articulated, took tax-hiking RINO (Republican in Name Only) Sen. Moderate Mike Roberson – who appears to need some serious anger management therapy – to task for his vicious attack on Schwartz who, per a challenge from Sandoval, offered alternatives to the governor’s Billion Dollar Tax Hike.

A tax hike, which the party pointed out in the statement, is a complete violation of the Republican Party Platform and absolutely at odds with what the voters of Nevada clearly and loudly said in the last election: No New Taxes.

Click here to read the statement that made Ralston’s oversized liberal cranium explode…

And if you’d like to watch for yourself and see Sen. Roberson lose his $#!+ and go “postal” on Schwartz, click here and fast-forward to around the 17:24 mark.

Roberson’s meltdown and rant elicited a stinging letter from a Las Vegas attorney – in the interest of full disclosure, MY attorney who handled our successful Supreme Court free speech case – upbraiding Roberson for his totally unprofessional behavior.

“I was appalled by your conduct during the Senate Finance Committee yesterday,” Craig Mueller of Mueller Hinds & Associates wrote. “Your treatment of Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz was an embarrassment to the Committee, the Nevada State Senate, the Nevada Legislature and to the State of Nevada. Your actions reminded me of a school-yard bully.”

“Your actions were not political discourse,” Mueller continued, “they were political theater designed to change the subject and disguise your support for policies that most Republicans would find repulsive.”


Click here to read the full letter.

And former Assemblyman Ed Goedhart weighed in on Roberson’s bombastic performance, as well…

“The over the top belligerence exhibited by (Sen. Michael) Roberson and others of the Senate Finance Committee towards (State Treasurer Dan) Schwartz is a disgrace to the institution of the Nevada Legislature. Thoughtful discourse and discussions of differing possible avenues of action have been summarily stomped out by self appointed, Puppet in Chief Roberson. The behavior of Roberson is typical of someone who is called out on their actions, that, deep down, they are ashamed of.”

What he said.


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