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Nevada GOP smacks Guv right in the puss

The Nevada Republican Party adopted a resolution at its meeting in Carson City on Saturday that declares that the party “will not accept a state budget that expands government and creates further burden on an already struggling business community.”

The resolution further declares that “any Republican Legislator who votes for such a budget” will become a pariah in their own party and the party  “will make this known to its voters through the press.”

This is a direct and well-deserved slap across the face to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, deigned “America’s Worst Governor” by Investor’s Business Daily for his proposed Gross Receipts BLT (Business License Tax), the “me, too” Republicans in the state Senate – misled by GOP Majority Leader Tax Hike Mike Roberson – who have drunk the SandRINOval Kool-Aid, and the Middle-aged Mutant Tax Hikers in the Assembly – misled by Majority Leader Paul Anderson and Higher Taxation Committee Chairman Derek Armstrong – who have seen SandRINOval’s bet and raised it.

The resolution also calls on GOP state legislators and the governor “to support the ‘Balanced Plan for Growth’ Budget.

Huh?  What is the Balanced Plan for Growth Budget?

Glad you asked.  It’s an alternative to SandRINOval’s budget which funds most of the governor’s proposed education initiatives and ends government employee furloughs by cutting spending rather than raising taxes.

Go figure.

It was collaboratively crafted by conservative Republican State Controller Ron Knecht, conservative budget experts from the Nevada Policy Research Institute, and conservative Republicans in the state Assembly.  The group plans to officially release the proposal at a press conference tomorrow.

Wanna sneak peak?  Good thing you’re a subscriber to Silver State Confidential!

Click HERE and HERE – though be warned these are only draft copies someone not part of the core group forwarded to me from the Central Committee meeting yesterday.  The final version to be released tomorrow may still have some changes.


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