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Nevada GOP Nutbjob Joins “Firehose of Hatred”

(Chuck Muth) – On August 14, 2023, Sabrina Schnur of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that “A bicyclist died after being struck in northwest Las Vegas by a suspected stolen vehicle that was fleeing from another crash Monday morning.”

The victim, Andreas Probst, turned out to be a 64-year-old retired cop riding his bike in the bike lane.  The driver was arrested later that day.

The RJ did a follow-up story on the hit-and-run on August 18th in which Ms. Schnur included reactions from the obviously distraught family.  At the time it was still believed the death was due to “reckless driving” by the piece of sh*t car thief.

But on August 31st – two weeks after the original story – David Wilson of the RJ reported that the “fatal northwest Las Vegas hit-and-run crash was intentional” after “detectives found a video of the crash posted on social media.”

The graphic video was shot by a piece of sh*t passenger in the car who laughed throughout.  His video first captures his accomplice intentionally ramming into another car before running down Mr. Probst.

The driver has not yet been identified since he’s a 17-year-old juvenile piece of sh*t. His piece of sh*t passenger has neither been identified nor caught as of this writing.

I’ve seen the video.  It’s absolutely sickening.  These two pieces of sh*t should get their day in court and then a quick trip to the gas chamber, a firing squad, or the hangman’s noose.

Their lives don’t matter.  Mr. Probst’s did.

But here’s the thing…

Again, police investigators did not know of the video until two weeks after the hit-and-run murder. Another two weeks later, the video hit social media.

And on Monday, Elon Musk – owner of Twitter/X – tweeted criticism of an RJ headline that characterized the killing as a “bike crash.”

But what Musk and others who jumped on the bandwagon failed to mention was that the headline was from the original story and was accurate since no one had yet seen the video that proved it was no accident.

Musk’s tweet – and those who bit on the false assumption that the headline was from Monday and not over a month ago – resulted in, as RJ editor Glenn Cook describes it, “a firehose of hatred” being directed at the RJ and Ms. Schnur.

And wouldn’t you know it, one of the irresponsible trolls who blistered the newspaper and Ms. Schnur was Nevada’s own Republican National Committeewoman Sigal Chattah.

On Monday, the Mouth that Bored twit-tweeted…

“Maybe if the @reviewjournal reported this accurately as a retired police chief callously MURDERED there wouldn’t be such indignation towards them. It’s been quite a smut rag for quite a while now.”

“Smut rag”?

Actually, the paper DID report it accurately…AT THE TIME.  Before the video was discovered.  Chattah just failed to check the date of the story in question, which came out a MONTH before her tweet.

The Chattah Box then doubled-down on Tuesday, twit-tweeting…

“This wasn’t a ‘hit and run’ nor was it a ‘cycling accident’. This was a murder with a hate crime enhancement. More truth- Less bullshit.”

Actually, it WAS a hit-and-run.  The driver hit Mr. Probst and then took off.

And nowhere in any of the RJ’s coverage of the killing have I found any report referring to it as a “cycling accident.”  Chattah just made that up.

This deranged, unhinged lunatic isn’t just wrong. She’s stupid.

Anyone even remotely competent in Politics 101 knows one of the Golden Rules is: “Don’t pick a fight with somebody who buys ink by the barrel and paper by the ton.”

Chattah was obviously absent that day.

It’d be one thing if Chattah was right.  She’s not.

And it’d be another thing if the newspaper in question was a left-wing rag like the New York Times.  It isn’t.

In fact, the RJ is generally conservative and pro-Republican editorially. So for one of the top three GOP leaders in Nevada to go to war with the state’s largest newspaper over a false narrative isn’t just stupid, it’s galactically stupid.

Does Chairman Michael McDonald support this idiocy?  His silence is deafening.

Chattah owes Ms. Schnur and the RJ an apology.  And she should resign immediately before her big mouth does any further damage to the Nevada GOP.

But don’t hold your breath.  She’s drunk with power and isn’t about to give it up no matter how much she sucks at the job. And speaking of stupidity…

The Little Caucus that Shouldn’t

Many of you who have followed the insanity of the Nevada Republican Party’s decision to hold a presidential “caucus” next February two days after the legislatively required state-run presidential primary have written asking who to contact to voice their opposition.

Giving out the Nevada GOP’s contact info won’t do any good.  The party leaders – wedded to Donald Trump – are hellbent on holding the caucus no matter how badly it’s going to damage the party.

And you can’t reach out to the individual members of the Nevada GOP’s Central Committee because the party keeps their membership list secret.

But I’ve found the next best thing…

All Republican COUNTY chairmen are also on the STATE Central Committee.  So if you want to voice your opposition to the caucus disaster-in-waiting, that’s where best to express your displeasure.

Here’s the email list for the various county party chairs, with the exception of Mineral County which doesn’t appear to have a chair at this time…

Carson City
Susan Ruch

Gary Smith

Jesse Law

Jim McKalip

Lee Hoffman

Theresa Moller

Terry Spahan-Bailey

Stephen Tibbals

Trudy Valez

Jack Horner

Lorrie Olson

Eric Murphy

Steve Evenson

Lee Sterrett

Bruce Parks

White Pine
Mike Kneese

These county chairs know who from their county is on the state Central Committee and have the ability to sway their members.  They can help kill this dumbass idea at the Nevada GOP meeting this Saturday…if they want to.

If they don’t, you know who to blame.

Click here to read all the reasons why this caucus idea is so foolish.

Click here to read the letter of opposition the Nevada Republican Club submitted to the party’s county chairs over the weekend.  Use it to write your own version.

Email now or forever hold your peace.

And if you want to throw in a few choice words about the self-destructive antics of the Chattah Box, have at it.


“Trump loyalists have long played the victim and tried to portray themselves as a grassroots ‘anti-establishment’ movement. However, as Nevada’s caucus debacle illustrates, Trump’s political…loyalists within the GOP currently run the show – and they’re using that power to rig the system in their favor.” – Conservative columnist Michael Schaus

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