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Nevada Attorney General: An “Existential Threat” to Your Freedom

(Chuck Muth) – Most people have no idea what the heck the state’s “attorney general” does.  Why?  Because in most cases it has absolutely nothing to do with their daily lives…unless they’re a criminal.

But because of Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak’s ongoing abuse of COVID-related “emergency” powers, many of us have been “guilty” of breaking “Sisolak’s Law” over the past two years.

You violated his “stay at home” order.  You didn’t wear a mask.  You didn’t wear a mask “properly.”  You let your kids play with other kids.  You had family and friends over for Thanksgiving.  You went to a birthday party.  You went to a wedding.  You went to a funeral.  You went to church.

You went to a Trump rally!

All at the risk of citation, fine…or worse.

Which brings me to Democrat Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, who explains his job thusly on the AG’s website…

“The Nevada Attorney General’s Office serves as the top law enforcement office for the State of Nevada. … (W)e work hard every day to investigate and prosecute crimes, combat fraud and corruption, help consumers, and protect your rights (my emphasis).”

If only that were true.

He hasn’t protected your rights.  He’s protected Sisolak’s wrongs.

For almost TWO YEARS now!


At the start of the Sisolak Shutdown on March 17, 2020, some businesses – at the sole discretion of the governor – were allowed to remain open while other similar businesses were ordered closed.

For example, you could go buy a six-pack of beer from a neighborhood grocery store but you couldn’t go buy a six-pack of beer from a neighborhood liquor store.

Explain the “science” behind that one!

Grocery store employees kept their jobs.  Liquor store employees lost theirs.

That wasn’t equal protection under law.

That was unequal protection under “Sisolak’s Law.”

Worse, the businesses that had their doors shuttered by executive order never received anything even close to due process.  It was done unilaterally by a power-hungry politician without even conferring with, let alone getting the approval of, Nevada’s elected legislators.

And all with the explicit approval of AG Ford, who not only refused to stand up and defend the constitutional rights of Nevada’s citizens, but actively assisted in trampling them.

When private attorneys Sigal Chattah, who’s running for attorney general against Ford this year (disclaimer: a client), and Joey Gilbert (running for governor) sued Sisolak to reopen Nevada’s churches, AG Ford and his taxpayer-funded office defended…Sisolak.

When Chattah and Gilbert sued Sisolak to force him to make the COVID vaccine available to at-risk seniors before dishing them out to young, healthy government employees, AG Ford and his taxpayer-funded office defended…Sisolak.

When Chattah and Gilbert sued Sisolak to end his mask mandate for students in schools, AG Ford and his taxpayer-funded office defended…Sisolak.

Aaron Ford has never protected your rights.  He’s protected Sisolak’s wrongs.

As an independently elected official, Ford had a choice.  He could either defend the dictatorial actions of a petty tyrant…or he could defend the constitutional rights of Nevada’s citizens.

He chose the tyrant.  He chose wrong.

He’s a co-conspirator.  An existential threat to your rights.  An existential threat to freedom.  An existential threat to basic constitutional liberties.

Remember in November.

And let’s go, Brandon!


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Laxalt Laxative

Earlier this week, FOX News published a story headlined: “Trump-endorsed candidates struggle with fundraising.”

The story included Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt and noted that “his fourth quarter haul was only slightly ahead of the roughly $1 million raked in by Sam Brown, his chief rival for his party’s nomination.”

Laxalt’s running his campaign almost entirely on “Donald Trump has endorsed me.”  But will that be enough?

BTW, the Laxalt campaign sent out a postcard mailer this week which focuses entirely on – what else? – Trump’s endorsement.

Alas, the stock footage landscape used in the mailer appears to be from ARIZONA (maybe New Mexico or Utah), not Nevada.

I guess when you’re from “The Swamp,” all deserts look the same.

The Smell of Fear

“Based on our fundraising numbers so far, we are on pace to miss our goals this month.” – Sam Barrett, Campaign Manager, Sisolak for Governor

“A new national report says Democrats are ‘in trouble’ in Nevada — and that this race is a top pick-up opportunity for Republicans. … Right now, we’re still a bit behind on our February fundraising, and in a race this competitive we just can’t let that continue.” – Sisolak HQ, 2/17/22

Quick Hits

In case you missed it, parents in San Francisco(!) successfully recalled THREE members of its school board over COVID mandates and a bunch of other stupid “woke” decisions – including renaming schools over supposed racial insensitivities.

If the left’s lost this bastion of liberalism…

RINO Hunt ‘22

Conservative activist Gary Schmidt has officially announced his campaign for Nevada Assembly District 40, covering Carson City and nearby communities.

The incumbent is Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill – the only sitting Republican in the Assembly who voted for the largest tax hike in state history in 2015.  Not surprisingly, O’Neill has never signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  Speaking of which…

Tax Pledge Signers ‘22

  • Sam Brown – U.S. Senate
  • Adam Laxalt – U.S. Senate
  • Mark Amodei – Congress District 2
  • April Becker – Congress District 3
  • Noah Malgeri – Congress District 3
  • John Kovacs – Congress District 3
  • Annie Black – Congress District 4
  • Sam Peters – Congress District 4
  • Chance Bonaventura – Congress 4
  • Guy Nohra – Governor
  • Joey Gilbert – Governor
  • Michele Fiore – Governor
  • Tom Heck – Governor
  • Tony Grady – Lt. Governor
  • Mack Miller – Lt. Governor
  • Tim Duvall – State Senate District 16
  • Jim Wheeler – State Senate District 17
  • Jeffrey Stone – State Senate District 20
  • Heidi Kasama – Assembly District 2
  • Richard McArthur – Assembly District 4
  • Stan Vaughan – Assembly District 20
  • Sam Kumar – Assembly District 25
  • Tom Daly – Assembly District 26
  • Melissa Blundo – Assembly District 36
  • Vida Keller – Assembly District 38
  • Ken Gray – Assembly District 39
  • Leo Blundo – Nye County Commission
  • Alan Bigelow – Las Vegas City Council Ward 2

If you’ve already signed and your name is not on the list, please forward a copy of your Pledge to  If you need a copy of the Pledge to sign, shoot me and email noting what seat you’re running for and I’ll send it to you.


“Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded – and once they are suspended it is not difficult for anyone who has assumed such emergency powers to see to it that the emergency will persist.” – Friedrich Hayek, Law, Legislation and Liberty

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