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Negative, Ghost-Writer, the Pattern is Full

Remember that Nastygram which moderate Republican Sen. Bill Raggio sent to conservative Assemblyman Ed Goedhart last week smacking him around for opposing tax hikes? In that email, Sen. Raggio also wrote derisively, “I think your comments were authored by Chuck Muth…”

Well, I just got back from a visit over at the legislative building, and you’re not going to believe this. I’m told that Sen. Raggio’s “be a man” email was – are you ready for it? – authored by somebody else.

Reportedly a junior staffer working for Sen. Raggio, Joe Brezny, actually ghost-wrote the email accusing Assemblyman Goedhart of ghost-writing his “Dear Colleague” letter on the tax issue.

You’d have to use a Ginsu to cut through hypocrisy this thick.


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