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“Narcissistic, Egotistical Personality” Goes Bonkers

So there’s this gal named Tiffany Ruegner.

She’s is listed as the Director of Logistics and Outreach for the Western Representation PAC founded by Roger Stockton – who is the guy who stuck his nose into the Nevada GOP endorsement brouhaha last week and leaked his letter criticizing the process to liberal blogger Jon Ralston.

Well, after I wrote criticizing Stockton for criticizing something he knew nothing about, Tiff got into a huff and ripped me a new one on her Facebook page…

“The political flip flopper, Chuck Muth of Muth’s Truths decided to write an article against Battle Born, born conservative organization Western Representation PAC saying that the founder Roger Stockton is a nobody because he has only a few dozen twitter followers.”

Actually, I said no such thing.  I responded to Ralston’s characterization of Stockton as a “prominent tea party leader.”  I pointed out that he actually wasn’t; that his PAC really hasn’t been all that “prominent” in Nevada.  Which is hasn’t been.

That is not to say Stockton is a nobody.  Nor is it to say he’s not a good guy.  Nor is it to say he’s not a good conservative.  Actually, he’s all of those things.  But he’s not a prominent tea party leader in Nevada.

Anyway, Tiff ranted on a bit further and then concluded with this…

“(Muth’s) empty National Inquirer gossip column style of writing is really juvenile and unrefined and well… politically childish garbage.”

Actually, it’s National Enquirer, not National Inquirer…but let’s not be Ralstonesque about this.

But since Tiff decided to get personal, let’s consider the source.  Here’s what I know about her…

During the 2012 GOP presidential primary, she somehow glommed onto the Gingrich campaign.  And I was hired to do some work for the Super PAC that was formed to help promote Newt’s campaign.

Part of that work included helping to organize a fundraising event for Newt at George Harris’ Mundo restaurant in Las Vegas.  At the time, Tiff was emailing and calling me frantically as Gingrich’s supposed Nevada rep, wanting to do this and that.

But the Gingrich folks I was working for on the event all but BEGGED me not to let her anywhere near it.  As one DC operative complained to a friend of mine, Tiff was “driving away all of the young Republicans working on Newt’s campaign.”

How?  Consider this characterization of Tiff I received over the weekend from someone who once worked with her at DC event…

“Horrible, horrible.  The best way to put it is…..combine a narcissistic, egotistical personality with a ‘driving need to be somebody’ and mix it with a ‘I don’t care who I walk all over to get where I want to be.’  No organizational experience.  No ability to get people to help her after they work with her for a little while!!!  That was the short story!!!!”

How’s that for juvenile, unrefined politically childish garbage?


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