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Nanny-Staters Use Cancer Victims

Earlier this session, the Legislature considered a bill which would make wearing a seat belt a “primary” offense. Janine Hansen of Nevada Eagle Forum explains what that means:

“Primary offense means that the police can stop you at any time for any reason to see if you are wearing your seat belt. The current law prohibits the issuance of a citation for failure to wear a safety belt unless the vehicle is stopped or the person is arrested for another offense. By removing this provision, this bill allows the issuance of a citation for not wearing a seat belt even if there is no other violation. We are moving towards a police state.”

The Legislature rightfully killed the bill earlier this session, but now nanny-staters have resurrected it from the dead by attaching it to a CANCER bill (AB 433). The amended bill says that the mismanaged, government-subsidized University Medical Center in Las Vegas would be required to provide cancer treatments to indigent individuals with the money it saves from the enactment of the primary seat belt law.

Using cancer victims to expand the reach and control of government? These people have no shame.


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