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Muth’s Truths: September 11, 2019

Nevada GOP Legislators and Reagan’s 80 Percent Rule

It’s a well-known maxim from late President Ronald Reagan that someone who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is an ally. And with that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the just-released Ratings of the 2019 Nevada Legislature from the American Conservative Union.

In the State Senate, not a single Republican reached the 80% mark.  Sen. Ira Hansen came closest with just 77%.

The absolute worst score was racked up by RINO Sen. Ben “Blue Dog” Kieckhefer at just 51%.  Sen. Keith Pickard wasn’t much better at 57%. The others were in the 60’s.


Not much better in the Assembly.

Republican Assemblyman John Ellison of Elko topped the list with 89%.  Only six other Republicans chalked up scores in the 80’s.

The two worst Republicans – both now in “leadership” positions in the GOP caucus – were Assemblywoman Jill Tolles at 53% and Assemblyman Tom Roberts at 57%.

Two others, freshmen Assemblywoman Melissa Hardy (60%) and Glen Leavitt (63%), were almost as bad.

This isn’t just sad, it’s pathetic.

The 2019 legislative session – 100% controlled by the Democrats in both houses, with a super-majority in the Assembly – proposed and/or passed the most radically liberal, anti-business, anti-taxpayer, anti-parent, often bordering on socialist, agenda in memory.

And most legislative Republicans just sat there and said, “Thank you, sir.  May I have another?”

It’s the difference between acting like a “minority” party and a principled “opposition” party.


What a wonderful campaign theme for 2020: “Vote for us. We’re not quite as bad as Democrats.”

Sends a tingle up your leg, doesn’t us?

These ACU Ratings remind us once again that it’s not enough to simply elect more Republicans; we need to elect BETTER ones, as well.  Let the primaries begin!

Lisa’s Song

Lisa Song Sutton is absolutely a rising star in the Nevada GOP.  She’s currently a candidate for Nevada’s 4th congressional district and was recently interviewed by Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire…

Former Miss Nevada, Daughter Of Immigrant, Launches GOP Congressional Bid

Unfortunately, CD4 has 38,000 more Democrats than Republicans and has an ORVS (Optimal Republican Voting Strength) number under 40.

The seat was won only once by a Republican – in 2014, a non-presidential election year, which had historically low voter turnout by Democrats which led to a “red wave.”  That’s not gonna happen again in 2020’s presidential cycle.

Wish Lisa would reconsider and run for a seat in the Nevada Legislature.  Lord knows we need more – and BETTER – Republicans there (see item above).

Fake News to the Rescue I

Republican Dan Bishop won the special election for North Carolina’s 9th congressional district on Tuesday.

The Associated Press this morning spun it as “an ominous sign for Republicans” and warned that the closeness of the race indicated “the re-election prospects of Trump” could be in “jeopardy.”

Another fake news assist for Democrats.

Pop Quiz: What do you call a Republican candidate who wins a close congressional special election?

Answer: Congressman.

Fake News to the Rescue II

The Associated Press has a separate story out today about Trump administration plans “for ending government control of mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,” which, naturally, Democrats oppose.

“The two finance companies nearly collapsed in the financial crisis 11 years ago,” AP reports, “and were bailed out at a cost to taxpayers of nearly $190 billion.”

“Bailout.”  Such a loaded word.  Highly negative.  Incendiary even.

“The companies have become profitable again,” AP continued, “and have fully repaid their bailouts.”

“Repaid”?  So it wasn’t so much a “bailout” as it was a “loan” (like the mortgage you have on your house).  Which has been repaid.  In full.  Costing taxpayer’s zilch.

Another fake news assist for Democrats.

Gunning for Google

Democrat Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford has added Nevada to an antitrust lawsuit against search engine giant Google.  48 of Obama’s 57 states have joined the suit, so this is not partisan – but it is questionable.

Antitrust law is extremely complicated.  But the bottom line is that the accused company must be doing something that harms consumers.  So the natural question is: How does providing online searches for FREE hurt consumers?

Indeed, Texas AG Ken Paxton, a Republican who is leading the lawsuit, wants the feds to investigate online search providers to “ensure that Americans have access to free digital markets.”

Did I mention that using Google’s search engine is FREE?

Also, Google is a private company.  If they want to discriminate against conservatives, that’s their right.

The conservative response should be to change to another search engine – much like how conservatives switched to Fox News to combat liberal bias in the media – not invite government meddling in the free market.

With the operative word, again, being FREE.

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