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Muth’s Truths: Sepetember 13, 2019

Trump Stumble?

President Donald Trump has been remarkably successful in keeping his GOP base, as well as many independents not so solidly politically aligned, happy.  Until now.

An executive order banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes won’t put a dent in teenage use – they’re particularly adept at getting around government sanctions – and will harm a great number of “vapers” who have switched from cigarettes to the arguably less harmful alternative.

This issue hits home, directly, for a large number of voters who have, thus far, been ardent supporters of the Trump agenda. Some may now start to question their loyalty.  It could well be akin to what the Harriet Myers appointment to the Supreme Court did to President Bush II.

Hopefully the president will get some better advice, listen to it and reverse this decision.

Mulling Last Night’s Democrat Debate

My friend Rich Galen of the e-newsletter had a good take on the Democrats’ presidential debate in Houston last night…

“This was the first time Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former VP Joe Biden have been on stage together. No conspiracy involved; just the luck of the draw in the first two.

“Even with the higher standards for admission, only three of the candidates are polling in double digits nationally according to the averages: Biden (26.8%), Sanders (17.3%), and Warren (16.8%).

“The other seven are all in single digits: Kamala Harris (6.5), Pete Buttigieg (4.8), Andrew Yang (3.0), Beto O’Rourke (2.8), Cory Booker (2.3), Amy Klobuchar (1.2), and Julian Castro (1.0).

“After more than eight months of campaigning (at least in Harris’ case) if they can’t crack 10 percent support, they shouldn’t be on stage. In the cases of Klobuchar and Castro, TWO percent is a bar they couldn’t clear.”

On the Radar

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) released yesterday the names of “Young Guns” GOP candidates whose campaigns have made it to the organizations “On the Radar” list.

“The NRCC’s Young Guns program,” the NRCC explains, “requires candidates to work towards specific goals and meet benchmarks throughout the election cycle to ensure their campaigns remain competitive, well-funded and communicative within their districts.”

Two candidates for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District made the list: Dan Rodimer and Dan Schwartz.

Of the two, Rodimer has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  Schwartz continues to refuse to sign it.

Muth Derangement Syndrome

Apparently, some folks were rather upset with my recent self-syndicated column in which I explained my reasons for not supporting the re-election of Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald.  Which is par for the course.

When you take firm positions and give it to ‘em without a spoonful of sugar, some people are bound to take offense.

Rolando Larraz, owner of the Las Vegas Tribune, published the column in his paper.  Rolando has not always agreed with every opinion I’ve expressed, but has been a mensch in his publication when it comes to fostering free speech and open dialogue.

Some of his readers complained about including my column.  To which he replied in the finest tradition of our First Amendment…

“We believe in the freedom of the press, freedom of opinion and freedom of expression. If we stopped someone who is directly or indirectly part of our team or part of our circle, we would be betraying the confidence that we have offered them and about which they could brag.”

Click here to read his full editorial

Thank you, Rolando.

More 2019 Ratings of the Legislature

The socialists at Battle Born Progress this week released their own ratings of the 2019 Legislature, following a similar release a few days ago by the American Conservative Union (ACU).  Get this…

Of Democrat legislators, half scored perfect 100’s.  The rest chalked in somewhere in the 90’s.  Clearly these folks know how to take care of their base and certainly fall into Reagan’s definition of someone agreeing with you 80% of the time being an ally.

Most Republican legislators demonstrate no such loyalty to their base.

Indeed, two Republicans – Assemblywoman Jill Tolles and Sen. Keith Pickard – voted with the Democrats on the issues of greatest concern to their liberal base HALF the time.

Nine others voted for the liberal agenda a THIRD of the time or more.

By contrast, the “worst” Democrat – meaning he voted most often for the position on bills supported by the ACU – was Assemblyman Skip Daly, the only incumbent Democrat representing a Republican district.  And he only voted “wrong” 17% of the time!

Every other Democrat was around 10% or less.

Republican legislators are their own worst enemies.

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