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Muth’s Truths – November 6, 2009

The headline over a Washington Post story on the front page of today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal reads: “Gunman kills 12 soldiers.” Now, I’m no expert, but shouldn’t that headline have read “Muslim Gunman kills 12 soldiers”? And why did the Post story not even mention the man was a Muslim until almost the end of the story? I mean, talk about burying the lead.

As Jon Ralston pointed out in his Flash e-newsletter yesterday afternoon, Sweet Phoebe Purebread’s propaganda machine over at the Nevada Democrat Party put out a press release claiming the Reid/Obama stimulus program “created or saved more than 37,000 jobs.” That is, of course, pure USDA bull. The actual figure, as Ralston points out, is 5,667. The Dem’s are trying to claim that a “debt cancellation provision” in the bill kept gaming giant Harrah’s from going completely out of business, thus saving some 31,000 jobs. What a crock.

Heard it Through the Grapevine: When Sen. John Ensign is finally forced to resign…er, I mean, *if* Sen. Ensign is forced to resign (he’ll never do it on his own)…Gov. Jim Gibbons might strongly consider appointing SAGE Commission Chairman Bruce James to fill the vacancy. James withdrew from a Senate primary in 1998 against Ensign, so we know he’d be interested in the seat. He also likely has sufficient financial resources to immediately launch an election bid next November for the right to finish out Ensign’s term through 2012. Interesting rumor, but the best bet would still be to appoint Rep. Dean Heller to the seat.

Andre Agassi laughably claims he included his meth use in his new book to help others with a meth problem. What a load of crap. He told the story because he knew it would create controversy which would result in greater news coverage which would convert into higher book sales which would mean more money in his pocket. If Agassi really, really, really included the meth story in the book to help others, then he’d be donating all the profits from the book to meth treatment programs. He’s not. What a hypocrite. What a liar. What a meth-head.


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