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Muth’s Truths: November 29, 2012


The media, as is their wont, have trotted out less than a half-dozen Republican members of Congress who have voiced some level of opposition to Grover Norquist and his Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

But note that these folks generally are either wishy-washy Gumby Republicans to start with (Sen. Lindsey Graham), or have a personal grudge-match going on with Grover (Rep. Pete King).

If you really want to know what the conservative position on the Tax Pledge is and should be, take your cue from Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky who had this to say Tuesday on FOX News:

“I’m a huge fan of the pledge. And I think it does hold people’s feet to the fire and they’ve essentially signed their signature and said they’re not going to raise taxes, so if they go back on their word, I think they’ll suffer the repercussions in their next election.”

“I think Grover Norquist has done a great service to the country in getting so many people to take a pledge because there is some pressure on these people now to go back on their word and I think there should be pressure (not to break their word) because it’s the wrong thing to do. …

“I think they should be reminded they took a pledge to the voters in their states. They campaigned on it, they said they weren’t raising taxes. They said that is what we believe in. …”

“I made a commitment to the voters of Kentucky that I didn’t think raising taxes was a good idea, that we were spending too much and that we should cut spending – I’m still perplexed by this whole idea that a fiscal cliff occurs when you sequester or cut federal spending. I thought that was a good thing, I thought we needed to cut more spending. I don’t even understand why cutting spending or sequestering spending is a fiscal cliff.”


“Dear Chuck, I applaud you for your column today. It seems that people not only don’t stand for what is right, they don’t even seem to KNOW what is right these days. I stand behind you and beside you. Those of us who were taught right from wrong by our parents must stand up and be heard.” – Linda Barnett, Carson City

“I am one reader that wants to let you know that your principled stand is appreciated. These ‘Republicrats’ are violating the promises they made during their campaigns as well as their candidate declarations and oath of office. Please keep up your good work to shine a light on the tyranny Americans and Nevadans are increasingly subjected to.” – Shawn Meehan, Douglas County

“Chuck, Love your articles. You have a lot to do with keeping people thinking ‘Right.’ … We lost an election; but we haven’t, at least not yet in my mind, lost America. Keep up the great work you are doing. Now if we could only get Sandoval to change his Health Care stance.” – Doug Hill, Fallon

Thank you Linda, Shawn and Doug! It’s folks like you who keep me spitting nails.


As you many have already heard this week, Republicans failed to appoint even one woman to chair even one committee in Congress. Brilliant “strategery” for a party already under attack for its so-called “war on women.”

And here in Nevada…more of the same.

Not only is there only one Republican woman serving in the state Senate, but she’s the longest-serving person of either gender serving in the state Senate. In fact, her license plate number is “Senate 1.” And because of term limits, this upcoming session will be her last session.

Nevertheless, she’s been bumped by Senate MINORITY Leader Michael Roberson as Assistant Floor Leader for the 2013 session, and reportedly has been passed over to be ranking member of even a single legislative committee.

Do Republican leaders know how to shoot themselves in the foot, or what?


In case you missed it, the Virginia Republican Party recently changed from a primary election to a nominating convention for 2013, joining a growing number of GOP organizations that are taking a far more active and leading role in the candidate selection process.

What this means is the party regulars and conservative grassroots activists, armed with nominating/endorsement power, become EXTREMELY relevant to the political process even with little or no money, and have the power to successfully counter GOP “establishment” candidates and all their special interest money.



* Great news! I received an email this morning from Bobby Ellis who advises that thanks to the generosity of many of you Muth’s Truths readers, he now has checks and pledges for donations to help buy uniforms and other needs for the students at Reynoldo Martinez Elementary School in excess of the goal of raising $20,000 for this excellent cause. Thank you all for opening your hearts and wallets! And thank you, Bobby, for being there for these kids.

* FYI, apparently some of you have been added to the spam list of an dufus anonymously sending out juvenile email rants under the fake name of “Idiot Muth.” For those who don’t already know, “Idiot Muth” is former Assemblyman Mark “SureWould” Sherwood. So consider the source.

* Is anyone surprised by this story in the Wall Street Journal? “The federal lending program designed to make college education available to everyone is creating a pile of debt so large it is fanning worries that it has become too easy to borrow too much.” Government doesn’t fix problems; government creates problems.

* Morning Score on Thursday noted that talk-show host/comedian “Steven Colbert joked that ‘Grover Norquist’ are the two most terrifying words to the GOP other than ‘Buenos Dias.’” I don’t care who you are, that’s funny.

* Meanwhile, Morning Score also reported that Rep. Pete King, one of the media’s favorite Tax Pledge critics, “says his wife would knock Grover’s head off if she met him face to face.” Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends. One supports a big tax hike; the other, taxes he don’t like. But that’s no reason why they can’t be friends.

* ICYMI: Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval supports driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, unlike most of his fellow GOP governors. Ah, what a great Republican, huh?

* Who’s the most embarrassing public official in Nevada today? It’s not even close. Las Vegas Township Constable John Bonaventura. The guy attracts ethics questions the way stink attracts flies. Click here for the latest.


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