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Muth’s Truths: May 3, 2019

We’re Screwed

After the November elections last year, it turned out the Democrats were one seat short of a super-majority in the State Senate – which meant they’d have to get at least one GOP vote to approve any tax hikes.

But as I noted way back then, that was not going to be a problem.  There are enough tax-hiking RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in the Senate that Democrats had a “virtual” super-majority.

Now we’re just a month away from the end of the 2019 session.  And in order to fund all the “wonderful” government programs the Democrats have promised their liberal special interest supporters, they need to extend a “temporary” tax hike on our business community.

Reminder: NOTHING is a permanent as a “temporary” tax hike!

Arguably, to extend a $98 million tax hike that otherwise would expire *should* require a 2/3 super-majority vote.  The Democrats, of course, are arguing it doesn’t.  Which could end up being a messy court fight which would throw the budget into uncertainty and disarray.

Unless they get one (or more) of the eight Republicans to vote with them for the tax hike.

So reporter Riley Snyder asked the eight Republicans if they’d vote for the tax hike.  Here’s what he found…

Senate Minority Leader James Settelmeyer said he was a no – as he was for Gov. Brian Sandoval’s massive tax hike in 2015.  I’ll take him at his word.

Sens. Ben Kieckhefer and Heidi Gansert also both said no.  But these two have a history of flip-flopping and going back on their word when it comes to tax hikes, so no one believes them.

Sens. Scott Hammond, Pete Goicoechea, Joe Hardy and Keith Pickard are on the fence – and none of them can be trusted to hold the line.

Hammond, in particular – who voted for the largest tax hike in Nevada history in the 2015 session – gave a typical “talking out of both sides of your mouth” political answer…

“There’s no way I would vote for it.  They’d have to really sweeten that…”

In other words, his “no way” vote, in reality, can be “bought.”

But the most disappointing response was from Sen. Ira Hansen.

Most people, if asked, would say Hansen is the most conservative senator in the State Senate.  But here’s how he answered the question on the tax hike proposal…

“My instinct would be to vote against it, but I want to see what the options are before I commit completely.  I’m not an anti-tax guy.”



We’re screwed.

You Can’t Fix Stupid: Another in a Series

According to the Associated Press, gun-grabbing Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones said this week that designating “the Las Vegas Strip a gun-free zone on major holidays would be a common-sense gun measure.”

Yeah, right.  Look at how safe other gun-free zones have been.  You know, like schools, churches and movie theaters.

Mr. Jones wouldn’t know “common sense” when it comes to guns if it bit him in the arse.

Common sense – not to mention history – tells us that “gun-free zone” means criminals will have guns, but not us.  Which makes us – you know, law-abiding citizens – disarmed sitting ducks.

The biggest danger to our personal safety isn’t guns.  It’s gun-grabbers like Justin Jones.

Legislators Needs to Protect Brothel Workers from This Dangerous, “Non-Trivial” Threat…NOW

OK, this is a long one, so grab a coffee refill before continuing.

There’s an obsessed man in Reno stalking legal sex workers – and the Nevada Legislature needs to stop him in his tracks…now.

ACR6 is a bill to study the “health and safety” of commercial sex workers in Nevada’s legal brothels over the next two years.

But the safety of these workers, as you’ll see detailed below, is at serious risk RIGHT NOW – and legislators shouldn’t wait two years to stop this man’s predatory behavior.

I’m talking about a creepy Reno lawyer named Jason Guinasso, who’s been on an 18-month religious crusade to shut down the brothels.

But it’s a particular legal tactic he’s using that jeopardizes the physical safety – and potentially the very lives – of these women that the Legislature needs to address before the end of the session next month.

And yes, it’s serious enough to warrant an “emergency” exemption to bring a short, new statute amendment forward.  Here’s what it’s all about…

Click here

An Event You’d Be Insane to Miss

The biggest mistake most candidates (and most political professionals) make is thinking they’re running a political campaign.

They’re not.  They’re running a marketing campaign.

So if you REALLY want to know how to win your race, you better learn MARKETING.

And if you really want to learn marketing, you better attend the SAM event in Las Vegas on June 13-14.

It’s kinda like TED – each speaker only gets 21 minutes – but the entire focus is on Sales, Advertising and Marketing.


I’ve looked at the roster of speakers and can vouch for the quality of the line-up. I know a number of them personally and have heard a number of others speak before.

This is the REAL DEAL.

These aren’t yahoo wannabe’s.  These are true, bona fide, card-carrying sales, advertising and marketing EXPERTS.

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or sale professional…DON’T MISS THIS.

Granted, none of them are going to be talking specifically about political campaigns.  But the principles are absolutely the same.  Candidates should ABSOLUTELY attend.

Seriously, if you’re SERIOUS about winning (or boosting sales for your business), you’d be INSANE not to spend two days at SAM next month.

Especially since it’s…FREE!

Until they run out of tickets.

And yes, I’ve already registered.  I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

The sales/registration page – even if you don’t attend the event itself (but you should!) – is an invaluable marketing lesson all its own.


And let me know if you register to attend.  Maybe we’ll organize a get-together Thursday night after Day One for an informal meet-up, tilt back a couple of beers and “strategerize.”

For more info or to register, go to:


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