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Muth’s Truths: March 31, 2010

Captain DisComfort made it official yesterday, finally announcing that he was stepping down as chairman of the Nevada GOP “due to business and family reasons.” Just as predicted. The real reason, of course, is that the guy was good at only one thing: blowing smoke up everyone’s skirt. And it finally caught up to him as more and more party regulars and leaders caught on to his act.

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that private sector payrolls were expected to increase by some 50,000 in March, but instead shrunk another 23,000. Meanwhile, the number of government workers is expected to jump when the Labor Department releases its March figures on Friday. Yeah, that Reid/Obama stimulus program is working like a charm.

Ah, the old expectations game. Harry Reid is now pooh-poohing the Tea Party Express rally in his home town last weekend, telling First-Lady-turned-radio-talk-show hostess Dawn Gibbons that the turnout was smaller than expected, citing some pre-rally projections of 20,000 to 30,000 people.

Here’s the thing. I don’t know of any Tea Party Express folks claiming they expected 20,000 or 30,000 people. The pre-rally numbers I heard from people, you know, who were actually involved in putting on the rally was anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000. Even local and state law enforcement authorities were only planning for around 1,000 people.

So using the most “conservative” estimate of actual attendance – around 7,000 people – the rally greatly exceeded expectations. Using Reid’s more liberal estimates, the rally was, to quote Harry himself in another context, a miserable failure. But I think we all know, especially looking at that aerial picture of the rally, it was a huge success.

That’s some bad spin, Harry.

“As a twenty year plus veteran of the finance industry, I feel I have the understanding and experience cut out for our government’s largest problems, so many of which are rooted in financial mismanagement and imprudent fiscal and credit policy,” said Republican U.S. Senate candidate John Chachas on Tuesday announcing the launch of his first two television ads.

Perhaps in a future television ad the New Yorker will explain why he decided to run for the U.S. Senate here in Nevada even though he left our state some 20 years ago and his family still doesn’t live here instead of running for one of the two U.S. Senate seats open in his home state this year. As veteran of the finance industry, did he just think it would be cheaper to buy a seat in Nevada?

The RJ reported yesterday that “Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto said Tuesday that she won’t honor a request by Gov. Jim Gibbons to take legal action on the state’s behalf to block implementation of new federal health care legislation.” The decision not to act was based on two political realities.

One, Masto is a Democrat who isn’t about to tick off Harry Reid. And two, Masto believes she can thumb her nose at Nevada’s electorate because Republican leaders failed to recruit an A-Team candidate to oppose her this November. No offense to Jacob Hafter, but somebody such as Mark Amodei or Greg Brower would have been far stronger than someone who has never run before.

On the other hand, Mr. Hafter HAS offered his legal services pro-bono to fight ObamaCare on behalf of Nevadans….an offer Gov. Gibbons ought to accept.

Meanwhile, Independent American Party (IAP) candidate for attorney general Joel Hansen inked the Taxpayer Protection Pledge yesterday. In addition, Hansen has been at the forefront of conservative legal efforts to defend citizen initiatives and against other encroachments by the Nevada Legislature. I suspect a number of Republicans are gonna vote third-party for this office this election cycle.

Let’s just say, hypothetically speaking of course, that you take your wife and kids to the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix to see Shawn Michaels retire from professional wrestling, as well as Triple H knock out Chris Jerico cold. And let’s just say that just before the show starts your three-year-old falls asleep in your wife’s arms, just around the same time you both decide that an excessively expensive $11 cup of beer would hit the spot nicely.

So let’s say you walk down all those steps from your nose-bleed seats and wait in line at the concession stand where the workers are working at a DMV-like pace. And let’s say once you finally get to the front of the line and order two beers….you’re told that state law only allows you to buy one beer at a time; that the only way to get a beer for your wife is to buy your own beer first, take it all the way back up to your seat and then come back down and wait in that long line all over again as you miss half the show.

And some people still wonder why I loathe our present-day nanny-state government so much? Thank goodness the Nevada Legislature has never considered or passed such a stupid, useless, imbecilic, ridiculous, absurd, asinine, dumbass law.

Or has it?

And finally, Cox Communications-Las Vegas is providing candidates for local, state and federal elected office free air time through its popular “Elections On Demand” initiative via Cox Channel 1 On DEMAND. The company’s election year initiative allows candidates to tape a two-minute “candidate vignette” in a special TV studio for playback via the Cox On DEMAND system. More information is available at and


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