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Muth’s Truths: January 28th

Tongues were wagging in Nevada political circles yesterday over foul-mouthed Rep. Dina Titus dropping the F-bomb in telling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that if Democrats don’t get their stuff together fast, they’re all “(expletived).” What a classy broad.

In a Face-to-Face TV interview Wednesday afternoon, host Jon Ralston asked his guest about reports that cuts of 25-30 percent in government worker pay would be required to balance the state’s books during this ongoing budget crisis. Rather than implement such drastic cuts, Ralston asked his guest, “What else can you do?” To which the guest responded:

“I think we have to look at the way we do government. We have to look at what programs that are mission critical at this point. Programs that aren’t mission critical are probably going to go by the wayside.”

Now riddle me this, Batman: Who was the guest who uttered such fiscally conservative common sense? Was it former state Sen. Bob Beers or Democrat Assembly Majority Leader John Oceguera? Answer at the end.

Was it just me, or did Vice President Joe Biden look like a giant bobble-head during the State of the Union speech last night? Biden better get his stuff together or, as Dina Titus would say, when it comes time for Obama to pick his running mate in 2012, he’s (expletived).

Meanwhile, Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner looked like he showed up for the speech in the middle of a three-day bender, while Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi looked like a deranged jack-in-the-box.

Nevada GOP Chairman Chris Comfort reported yesterday from Hawaii – where the Republican National Committee is meeting and reinforcing their image as the party of the rich – that the RNC voted down a resolution which would have imposed a ten-point litmus test on GOP candidates which, as Dina Titus would say, would have (expletived) moderate Republicans running for Congress this year.

Meanwhile, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle is reporting this morning that her campaign raised $368,941 for the quarter ending December 31, bringing her total raised to $582,941 – rather impressive. The big question, however, is how much of that money went to direct mail fundraising costs and how much of it is left in the bank.

In response to Democrat gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid’s declaration that he wasn’t going to offer any proposals to help fix the state’s immediate budget crisis, GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval said, “Rory Reid either doesn’t have the courage to make tough decisions, doesn’t want to admit his real plan is to raise taxes — or both.” Dina Titus added, “If Rory Reid refuses to tell the voters and taxpayers exactly what he would do to help working families as governor, he’s (expletived).”

OK, the objective is to create jobs in a state with ongoing double-digit unemployment. And one of the drawbacks to job creation in Nevada is the employee head tax penalty employers are hit with for every worker they hire. Which is why somebody ought to call for the complete repeal of the payroll tax that the Legislature just doubled last year.

Or as Dina Titus might say: Stop (expletiving) the very people who can put our people back to work.

And finally, according to the Wall Street Journal this morning, “Ford reported its first annual profit since 2005, helping the auto maker further distance itself from its troubled U.S. rivals.” Ford, you many recall, is the car company which is NOT owned by Barack Obama and did NOT get a federal bailout last year. Go figure.

Answer to today’s riddle: While fiscal conservatives such as former Sen. Beers have LONG been calling for the elimination of non-essential government programs and establishing spending priorities in Nevada’s government, “mission critical” response to Jon Ralston’s question was actually delivered by Speaker-in-Waiting John Oceguera.

Man, is he (expletived) when Dina and the tax hikers find out!


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