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Muth’s Truths: Febuary 2nd

The Nevada University Board of Regents is meeting today to discuss the higher education budget. And you can bet there will be liberal dose of Armageddon-like hand wringing about necessary spending cuts – which is kinda weird since the board, I’m pretty sure, is the ONLY major governing entity in the state, including the Legislature, which has a solid majority of Republican members.

Proving once again that Republican and conservative are NOT necessarily the same thing.

From EIN News this morning: “The Associated Press reports that at least 27 of the 104 nuclear reactors in the US have been leaking a cancer-causing by-product of nuclear fission, with the leaks mostly occurring through deteriorating underground pipes.” Yet Harry Reid says storing nuclear waste on location at nuclear power plants all over the country is safer than storing it at one dedicated central repository at Yucca Mountain. Gee, could Harry be wrong?

OK, now let’s see if you can follow the bouncing ball on this one….

Conventional wisdom suggests that Nevadans must re-elect Democrat Sen. Harry Reid because Harry Reid opposes Yucca Mountain. Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki is mulling entering the GOP primary race against Reid, telling everyone he has been recruited by Sen. John McCain.

Meanwhile, Republican National Committeeman Bob List said last week that Krolicki should stay out of the U.S. Senate race and run for re-election. Krolicki then slammed List, saying that if List had his way we’d get Yucca Mountain.

Meanwhile, on Monday Sen. McCain said he supports Yucca Mountain. So the best GOP nominee to go up against anti-Yucca Harry Reid is an anti-Yucca protégé of pro-Yucca John McCain? Somebody ‘splain how that makes any sense whatsoever.

Run Brian, run!

Las Vegas resident and NN&V columnist Wayne Allyn Root, vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party in 2008 and likely candidate for LP National Chairman later this spring, has been added as a regular columnist by the national conservative website. Congrats, WAR.

Took my daughter Kristen to see the Rick Thomas magic show at the Sahara Saturday night. Thomas mentioned during the show his interaction with the government over his captive breeding efforts to save the kinds of endangered tigers which appear in his show. After the show, we had an opportunity to get our picture taken with Mr. Thomas, and I used the opportunity to inquire as to whether the government has been helpful in his efforts to save these endangered animals or a problem.

My God, I thought we were gonna be there all night! Thus reinforcing the lesson I try to impart on my home-schooled children on a regular basis: Government isn’t the solution to our problems; government is the CAUSE of our problems.

Gee, where have I heard that before?


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