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Muth Banned from GOP Fundraising Event!

It’s not just liberal Democrats I irritate on a daily basis; it’s liberal Republicans, too.

The following item was included in yesterday’s Silver State Confidential, but I think it shows conservatives just how upset and unhinged and ill-tempered many of the GOP moderates are over conservative criticism and challenges to their reign that I wanted to share it with everyone…

Danielle Cherry is handling a fundraising event for the Assembly Republican Caucus in Reno next Tuesday night. I got an invitation to it via email on Thursday.

I then forwarded it to Minority Leader Pat Hickey – who is furious with me for supporting conservative challengers to his moderate incumbent colleagues – asking him, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, what the dress code was in case I was going to still be in town and wanted to attend.

Well, apparently Hickey – who recently unsubscribed to my e-newsletter and has given me the ol’ silent treatment ever since – thought that Cherry had forwarded my inquiry to him rather than it coming from me directly. So he just hit “Reply” and sent his message…which ended up coming to me rather than going to Cherry.

“Don’t bother responding to him,” Hickey wrote.

Funny. As if ignoring me would make me go away! If only it was that easy, right Gov. Sandoval?

Hickey then doubled-down and sent a follow-up email…again thinking it was going to Cherry without realizing it was going to me…with this instruction:

“Tell Chuck he is welcome at our Caucus event if I am invited to his campaign training event In Carson the night before…Pat”

Now here’s the thing: I’d already had this discussion with Pat a couple weeks ago. We were sold out for the campaign training seminar in Carson City next Monday night within two or three days of announcing it and already had a long waiting list. I told Pat that he was, of course, welcome to attend IF I had room…which I didn’t (and still don’t).

To which Pat responded: “Same with our Caucus event.”

To which I responded: “Wow. You’re sold out? Then why send out the email invitation today asking for people to come to a sold out event?”

The truth, of course, is that Pat told a little fib here. Of course his event is NOT sold out. He was just being churlish.

So what have we learned here today, kids?

One, establishment Republicans are petty and have no sense of humor when they are challenged for voting like Democrats. And two, when sending an email, ALWAYS make sure the person you’re sending it to is the person whose address is in the “To” box before hitting “Send.”

As a follow-up, I received another email from Mr. Hickey this morning with this simple message about my possibly attending his fundraising event in Reno Tuesday night: “You are not welcome.”

He then snipped, “Keep your $10 Chuck. From what I hear, you need it.”

Wow. How small. How petty. How childish.


But he’s correct. I do need it. And I can think of a lot better things to spend my hard-earned money on than electing more go-along-to-get-along Gumby Republicans.

Folks, these people may have a ton of establishment money…and establishment endorsements out the wazoo…but they know they’re on the wrong side of the GOP primary electorate…and they’re running scared. It’s making them quite cranky and ill-tempered (not to mention ill-mannered).

So this is no time for conservatives to back off or back down. It’s time to not only elect more Republicans, but better ones as well; Republicans who will respect the party platform, not spit on it. Reagan and Goldwater Republicans; not Roberson and Hickey Republicans.

It’s time to bring on…Conservageddon!


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