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Mr. Rogers Rips Sen. Empty Suit a New One

(Chuck Muth) – I am, as you know, an unapologetic limited-government Goldwater conservative.

On the other hand, former University Chancellor and television station owner Jim Rogers is a card-carrying liberal.

And over the years, he and I have had a somewhat less than a cordial relationship over our philosophical differences.

For example, here’s an excerpt from a tweet Mr. Rogers published in March 2011, as we sparred over taxpayer funding for higher education:

“I thought it was statistically impossible for one state as small as Nevada to have two intellectual lightweights like Sharron Angle and Chuck Muth at the same time. Yet here they are. My analysis proved to be wrong because I had not known that Muth and Angle had been born Siamese twins and at the time of separation each got somewhat less than half a brain.”

I LOVED that one! Nothing like being attacked personally by a liberal on budget issues to know you’re on the “right” track.

Anyway, it’s Mr. Rogers’ raw, undiluted disdain for conservatives that makes his recent brutally blunt evisceration of fellow Democrat and congressional candidate Steven Horsford all the more devastating.

I can’t put it any better than Mr. Rogers himself, so sit back…buckle up…and enjoy:


“Three years ago I was about to go out to dinner in Helena, Montana when I got a call from someone in Las Vegas who said that Steven Horsford would like to talk to me. I told that person I would cancel my dinner date and stay home. That was three years ago and I am still waiting on the call. Horsford is an arrogant ass. While I am prone to support Democrats I would never support him. In the last three years I have called in on several occasions to discuss local and national subjects. He has never returned my phone calls. If you send this blowhard to Congress you’ll never know he is there.”


“Here’s another observation about Steven Horsford. If you want to tune in to a thought process that has no substance and is certainly not based on logic, talk to Steven Horsford sometime. About 20 seconds into the conversation when you look him straight into his eyes all you are going to see is the wallpaper behind him. Horsford has the misguided opinion that being ‘slick’ can get anyone with no substance elected to public office. I can’t imagine any public office low enough to match Horsford’s qualifications. It hurts me to believe that your future and my future might be influenced in any way by the actions of this empty suit. Fortunately voters have a habit of seeing what a candidate actually has to offer. Horsford has nothing.”


“Have you seen the Horsford ad where he talks about his father being killed? I am very sorry that Steven suffered that loss and I know that all of you are too. But how is that incident relevant to him serving as our Congressman in Washington? The issue of his father’s death is, like all of Horsford’s issues, not related to his competence to serve in Washington. If you talk with him you’ll understand that he has no capacity to serve in a position that requires complex and relevant thinking.”


“I hear nothing good about Steven Horsford. Three years ago that might have surprised me. When you meet Horsford you see an attractive, articulate, and captivating individual. I thought he might be Governor material but the man has proved to be a total disaster. His word is no good, he treats everyone badly and he’s totally unproductive. When I began to criticize him I thought I might be a lone ranger, now I am getting phone calls about his mistreatment of constituents. Beware of Steven Horsford. He is a con man.”


“It takes brains and education to be an effective U.S. Congressman and that’s why the great majority of congressional members (99 out of 100 senators) have college degrees. Steven Horsford is a blank piece of paper when he presents his credentials to compete in a brains and education world. He did not graduate from college although he claims to have taken courses at UNR which I strongly doubt. I would love to see his grades. The man is nothing and I am ashamed the Democratic party would support him.”


“Unlike Horsford, (Danny) Tarkanian (Horsford’s GOP opponent) not only has a college education, he’s a graduate lawyer who graduated in the top ten percent of his law class. Horsford has no meaningful education. I know Danny and know he genuinely believes in helping his fellow Nevadans. On the other hand Horsford only believes in helping himself. In spite of Danny’s political views, which are different from mine, I believe he has the intellectual capacity and flexibility to become a very productive representative for Nevada. Horsford cares only for Horsford…Horsford…Horsford.”


“Steve Horsford is the poster boy for arrogance. Arrogance is his strongest and only character. In recent hearings, which he chaired on the funding formula for higher education, it was evident from the get go that he had no understanding of the problem much less the solution. The present funding formula has shorted UNLV by more than six-hundred million dollars. Horsford was evidently too busy to find solutions of the problem. In each incidence when he was required to discuss the issue he launched into a speech about why he should be a Nevada Congressman. It takes a stupid person to believe that everyone else is stupid.”

And he’s just getting warmed up, folks!

But don’t think for a minute Jim Rogers’ opinions of Steven Horsford are those of a lone, rogue Democrat. Nah-uh-uhhh. For example, in response to one of Mr. Rogers’ tweets, Jeff Leatherock replied:

“Thank God you have the ability to say that. I’m a democrat, but Horsford is a self-important dolt. Wishing for better”

Aren’t we all?!!

And then there’s this morning’s column in the Las Vegas Review-Journal by my friend Steve Sebelius – a self-admitted liberal sympathizer – titled, “No lies in latest GOP attack against Steven Horsford.”

Steve writes that a current television ad listing Horsford among the 10 most corrupt Democrats running for Congress “is unique in this election cycle in that it’s based on actual facts.”

And just in case you haven’t had the pleasure of basking in the glow of Steven Horsford’s “deep” thoughts on the important issues of the day, here are some recent examples from his Twitter site:

• “The promise of Medicare has allowed srs 2 live longer, more secure, & healthier lives. We have 2 do all we can 2 preserve this program.”

• “Proud to attend the VA hospital dedication in NLV. We must provide our Vets with the care they deserve.”

• “47 years ago today the Voting Rights Act became law: it’s a reminder that we must protect everyones right to vote.”

• “Great 2 visit Walnut Rec Ctr last night – they offer needed comm srvcs: gang intervntion, night hoops & more.”

• “Social Sec makes retirement possible 4 400,000+ NV srs & in Congress I’ll protect it & stop efforts 2 gamble savings in risky markets.”

• “Toured the NV Northern Railway museum in Ely this morning. Glad we fought to keep the funding for this treasure.”

• “African Americans for Obama event tonight! Fired up and ready to go!”

• “Happy Labor Day! We will never forget the struggles of those who fought so hard to secure rights and respect for working families”

• “Today on the 18th anniversary o/the Violence Against Women Act we must overcome partisanship, reauthorize VAWA & keep loved ones safe.”

• “Proud 2 stand w/@JulianCastro & support Prez Obama who has worked hard to help homeowners stay in their homes.”

• “Great to meet with @AFSCME_NV and NARA members today – you make Nevada happen!”

What a mindless twit. As hard as it is to believe, I think Jim Rogers may be sugar-coating just what a nothing Steven Horsford is. I mean, this guy would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle.

I can just imagine the tweets that would have come from “Rep.” Horsford during the days of the Continental Congress:

• “British tea is really yummy. We must protect British tea for our senior citizens, especially environmentally friendly ‘green’ tea.”

• “Great meeting with Gen. Washington today. All those medals are really spiffy. That’s why we must provide our Vets with the care they deserve. Woof-woof!”

• “If only we had midnight basketball, rabble-rousers like Paul Revere wouldn’t be riding around town yelling and causing a disturbance.”

• “Visited the scene of the Boston Massacre today. It reminded me that we should always give peace a chance and celebrate diversity. For the children, of course.”

• “Proud to stand w/Gen. Cornwallis who has worked hard to keep British soldiers in our houses. You make America happen!”

• “Attended a Salem witch trial last night. Memo to me: Draft a Violence against Women’s Act as soon as this Revolution thingy is over.”

• “Happy to receive the endorsement of Benedict Arnold today. And I promise to keep fighting for working families.”

• “What’s all this fuss over the Stamp Tax? Only the rich buy stamps and it’s time for them to pay their fair share.”

• “Government has a moral obligation to help our fellow citizens in need. Tommy Jefferson is a poopy-head!”

Kidding aside, you know the debate I’d like to see?

Steven Horsford’s empty suit vs. Barack Obama’s empty chair.

Two over-hyped/under-qualified/affirmative action political peas in a pod.

The winner?

As long as they both continue in office: Nobody.

Absolutely nobody.


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