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More Tea Party Reflections

Have you noticed that ever since the Left found out that “tea-bagging” was a slang term for a sexual act (Google it yourself, please), they’re going out of their way to use the term? I’m…shocked.

In any event, another great video of the Las Vegas tea party produced by Victor Joecks of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, can be found HERE

In addition to its production quality, as you watch Mr. Joecks’ video take note of two things:

1.) These were just average citizens who showed up of their own free will and on their own time because they believed in something, not because their union bosses told them or paid them to do so.

2.) Note that the signs were original, thoughtful, often witty, interesting and not mass-produced by over-priced union labor. Not a single brain-dead “No contract, no peace” among them.

Now, all across the country, tea party participants are asking “What next?” In Nevada, that’s easy. On May 1 the Economic Forum will make its official projection of how much revenue the state government can expect to take in over the next biennium (two years). At that point, the effort to “sell” the public on the “need” for higher taxes will begin in earnest.

Our job, should we decide to take it, will be to fight that effort tooth and nail. Saddle up. We ride at dawn.


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